Adding two new birds to home upset my bird?

by Louise

I have a Amazon parrot 26 yrs old. A friend has an Amazon and a African grey and has to get rid of them, but together. How would this affect my pet? If he would love the company it be great. But I would never want to upset him with two newbies. Help. I have no idea.

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Mar 13, 2012
Adding two new birds to home upset my bird?
by: Linda

First of all, keep all three birds in separate cages. If the Amazon and Grey are together now, it will make it harder for you to work with them, so make sure all three have their own cages and space. Yes, your bird will be jealous of them for a time, and I feel he/she will adjust if you continue to handle and care for him/her the same way you always have.Do not consider putting all three into a cage together as this will be dangerous for the bird you have now. Keep all three in their own cages in a bird safe room if you have one. By bird safe I mean a room that has been carefully set up to be a bird room. If a cage is coming with the two new birds, let this be cage for one of them and get another. If it is a very huge cage, then sell it and get two separate cages for the new birds. They can be near each other, and I think you will have an easier job with them if they are not together in same cage. These sized birds need an Amazon sized cage which will be very nice for one bird.

I'd be very careful when all three are out of cage at the same time. In fact, I'd be in the room with them until you are ready for them to go back into cages. Having all three sets of wings clipped is also a must. The new birds need to be examined and tested for disease and infections BEFORE YOU BRING THEM INTO YOUR HOME, because infections are highly contageous. While at the Avian Vet's, have them clip the 4-6 Primary Flight feathers which are the long ones at the ends of each wing. You can later bring your other bird in for wing clipping. This will keep everyone under control. You may or may not see some "acting out" from the new birds as well as your bird in residence, and clipped wings will keep them from getting hurt or flying into your face later on.

Please make sure the two new birds are examined by an Avian Vet PRIOR to bringing them home because if they come with disease/infections, these will be passed onto your bird immediately. Take NO chances and if the now owner is willing to pay for these exams, even better.

Keep in touch with us so we know how things are going.


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