Adopting A Bird

by Dawn
(Woodstock, GA)

I am going to pick up a red headed conure Monday. The bird is about 15 years old. His parents were both older and they past away and the children have the bird. They hate the bird and squirt him with a water bottle every time he makes a noise.

The only thing I know about the bird is he has pulled out a lot of his feathers. I am guessing this is from stress, being in a bad cage and a bad diet... but again I'm not sure until I get the bird. I am planning on purchasing a new cage for the bird and providing him a loving home.

I was wondering if you had any advice for rehab for this bird? I'd really like to get him back on a good diet to get those feathers coming back. Do you have any suggestions on the best diet to get this started? I have a sneaky feeling I am going to need all the help I can get.

Thanks for your help!


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Sep 05, 2009
Your New Kid!
by: Linda

Congratulations on your new bird, and thank you for being willing to take in a special needs bird. Parrots everywhere are suffering in loneliness and silence in homes where they are not only not really wanted, but for some it includes regular neglect and abuse. I just read about a beautiful happy, healthy African Grey named Mikey, whose male caretaker took a BB gun and shot him until he died because he was talking during a Nascar Race. Of course, man was drunk, and alcohol did not cause this, just contributed to a person already evil and mean. The parrots are being overbred, and they are suffering just like the dogs, cats and other pets. The parrots are so much more intelligent and very social creatures so it is harder on them than most people realize.

As Tracie said, take bird to Avian vet first thing because he probably has an infection and/or parasites. The Harrison's pellets and Birdy Bread mix are out here for you. Use the Sunshine Factor organic Red Palm Oil in the mix, and it will help you make the change from seeds to pellets. If he is already on a pellet (which I doubt), start changing him over immediately. It takes some time, so go at a slow, steady pace with everything you do with him.

Get the largest cage that you can afford for him, making sure bar spacing is correct. Use the links Tracie provided as for training and such. He probably would like a safe toy or two. Boredom and illness ans stress will make birds start plucking. Make sure some of the toy pieces are wood, so he can chew on them, and birds also like knots they can work on. Try and find toys made with cotton rope as the nylon can be harmful for birds.

Put natural wood branches in his cage. Many online stores have natural wood branches and toys. I believe Tracie also has some toys and books on this site, so maybe you can do a one stop shop with her!

Many Blessings to you and your family, and keep us posted on your new parrot. Don't give up, and don't give in, and you and your bird will bond and be happy together in time. God Bless,

Sep 04, 2009
Adopting a plucking bird
by: Tracie

Bless your heart! This bird will be so relieved to come to your home, eventually. At first the bird may hate you and everything, but maybe not. Just hang in there, go slow and do all you can to develop trust between you.

We have several articles on both training and feather plucking issues on our Parrot Training page that you might want to read also.

The main thing in training is the trust. You may have several other birds, so excuse me if I am telling you stuff you already know. But if work hard at NOT doing anything the bird doesn't like, then the bird will start to trust you.

You probably already know to take the bird to see an avian vet for a check up and vaccine. With the feather issues, this is especially important so that you can rule out health issues that might be causing the feather loss.

Please let us know how you get along and submit a picture and story on our Submit Parrot Stories page.

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