What is the best age to adopt a baby parrot? I am looking to get one, and since I have never had one before, I am looking for tips and pointers to start me off before I make the decision to get one. Thank you!!

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Nov 07, 2011
Best way to adopt or purchase a bird
by: Tracie

Great question!

1) Research different birds. Decide what is most important to you. Are looks more important than the noise factor? Do you have enough money and room for a large bird? This is just the beginning. :-)

The bigger the bird the more toys it will destroy, the bigger the bite, the bigger the noise and the bigger the cage and mess.

Some birds naturally tame easier than others, some are said to be quiet birds, but then you might happen to purchase that breed and it is very noisy.

I suggest you find a reputable breeder, visit often, play with the birds, ask lots of questions, and take home the bird that likes you.

Of course, you need to only play with the birds you can afford to purchase and care for. Just like in marriage, you might purchase for looks, but if you can't stand the bird's habits you are both going to be miserable for 20 - 70 years.

A good breeder takes their birds to an avian vet for check ups and will not sell you a bird that at least the parents have a certificate of health. They should offer to take your bird to the avian vet before selling it to you, even if it might be an extra charge.

You will want to feed your bird a healthy pellet diet, so hopefully your breeder feeds good pellets to the bird already, not the colored pellets or the cheap pellets with sugar and chemicals.

Please look at our Parrot Comparison Chart and read the stories at the bottom of the Parrot Information pages for the species you are interested in.

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