Adult Budgeriar attacking babies

by Maria

I have a 6ft x 2ft x 3ft cage with about 40 budgeriars. They have 10 aviaries 3 of which not occupied. Whenever a Budgieriar jumps out of his aviary a particular adult Budgeriar would attack him. This is the 7th baby i found bitten, his head covered in blood. I managed to save five of them. One of them was just 4 weeks old and i found him dead. The other had just jumped out of his aviary but it was so severly beaten that it died during the night :(.

I have also noticed that even if an adult budgeriar is weak he is being attacked.

I just ordered a bigger cage with more avaries because I thought that that might be the cause.

What do you think?


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May 05, 2011
Adult Budgeriar attacking babies
by: Maria

Thanks for your replies.

But saying that i am being cruel to them is way too a strong comment. More then half of them all hatched in there. I love them and i spend lots of money for them. Although i do not agree with it i also tried to remove the aviaries but it caused more trouble.

Ordering a higher cage is impossible, as i also own cats. Mind you, they where STRAY cats. They will eventually try to attack them. What i will do is increase the cage's length by 5ft.

Trust me i do NOT intend to be cruel to my birds. As you can see I am an animal lover.

Thanks again for your suggestions

Editor's note: You are correct, I should have seen that comment and deleted that part. I will remove that from her response.

May 03, 2011
Budgie aviary too small
by: The Avian Vet

The cage is way too small for that many birds. 2 x 3 x 6 is only large enough for 10-15 birds. You need 1 nest per pair of birds, plus 2-3 additional boxes. You also need the same number of feeders ? 1 per bird plus 2-3 extra. You may also need extra perches.

Dr B

May 02, 2011
Adult Budgeriar attacking babies
by: Linda

First of all you have way too many birds in too small an enclosure. 40 or more Budgies should be in something like a 12 foot wide, 12 foot long and 12 foot deep or LARGER which would be better. You cannot keep that many birds in that small a space as they will fight to the death. The male you're talking about needs to be pulled from any of the flights and put in a cage to himself and use just when breeding.

You will continue to lose babies until you get a REAL aviary/flight cage built for these birds. You have choices here, either build them a huge flight cage which is the aviary or get rid of all but about 10 birds total, and they'll still need to be in a much, much larger cage than you have now. Overcrowding animals, birds or humans causes violence to erupt, and it is violence without reason and just for killing.


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