Advise AG and Amazon compatibility

by Amir
(Toronto Ontario )

I Bought an African grey parrot at the age of 3&1/2 months.
I now have an opportunity to buy a blue fronted amazon about 6 months old.
Any ideas on what to expect in terms of compatibility and does anyone have experience mixing such two kinds of birds.......thanks

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Aug 11, 2011
Advise AG and Amazon compatibility
by: Linda

I've raised and been owned by many Amazons, and next to the Macaws, they are my favorite species of parrot. The thing about Amazons is they are very independent meaning they have their own ideas of what they will do under any circumstances. They are not even close to how emotionally needy the Grey will continue to be. The Grey and the Cockatoo are much alike in their baby-like dependence on the people they own.

My suggestion is either another Grey or one of the smaller Cockatoos like the wonderful Goffin's would work better with your Grey than the Amazon. Of course, you may wish to go ahead and get the Amazon as they are very sweet birds who simply need less cuddle time and such which would leave a bit more time for your Grey baby. Of course, you cannot leave the new bird out either, so a delicate balance here is called for.

Sometimes parrots pick the strangest friends. I worked in a parrot store in Portland some years' ago, and one morning I came in to get to work cleaning cages, feeding and watering to find one of my tiny little Parrotlets gone from his cage. They are only a few inches tall, so when I say tiny, I mean tiny. I looked everywhere two or three times. Of course, I never bothered to look into the huge Military Macaw, Sargeant's cage. Finally, I was so tired and went to talk to the Military who was good for hearing all my problems of the day. Inside, pressed right up against his big tree trunk of a leg was the tiny Parrotlet trying to hide from me. Sargeant appeared to have a smile on his face and in his eyss as I literally cried out, "Oh My God!". I opened cage and got the little parrotlet and put him back in cage. He could have been there for hours for all I know, so you can never predict how one bird will take to another.

Follow your heart on this one. I do know your Grey baby will need lots of special attention for a long time, so consider this when thinking of the other bird. New bird will also need to be seen by an Avian Vet BEFORE you bring him home because most pet store birds already have infections, and the baby Grey is still trying to develop his immune system, so do not expose him to possible sickness.

Hope this and what Tracie said helps, and feel free to write anytime because we love to talk parrot!


Aug 11, 2011
Amzon parrot and AG parrot
by: Tracie

There is no telling if they will get along or not. You must ALWAYS be close and ready to grab the AG when they are out together, because Amazons can suddenly get aggressive, especially when they are hormonal.

Please read up on Amazon parrots before taking this bird home. They are wonderful birds, but they are also one of the most re-homed birds because people do not do their homework to find out what the hormonal years are like.

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