Advise needed on taming my 6 month old Brown Headed Parrot

by Jess
(South Africa)

I bought a Brown Headed Parrot from a petshop yeaterday. He is beginning to settle well and I got him a lovely big cage with all the opening sides and toys. I was told that he has began nipping and needs to be handled and tamed.

He came out of his shell today and I was fully aware that its still early days. I opened his cage on the side and he was sitting on top of the cage. He was very happy until he jumped off. I waited for him to calm down and tried to catch him.

Eventually I got hold of him in a towel and noticed some blood on his wing. By that stage he was in a panic. I felt terribel. The blood was from his wing. I dont want my parrot to go through stress. I put him back into the cage and covered it for the evening.

Situations like that stress me. I might of pushed it a bit with letting him come out. He wont go near me and freaks if I try bring my hand near him. I am not afraid of hard work and will put in all the time needed to train him.

Is there anyone out there who is willing to guide me through the next couple of weeks training? I want this bird to accept me and enjoy his life with me. I have owned lovebirds and can see that this is not just a case of him getting used to me. He has no clue about any human contact. Is it too late? I really hope not.

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Jan 20, 2009
Taming a parrot
by: Tracie

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