Advise needed with my Brown Headed Parrot

by Jessica Ross
(Southern Africa)

I have owned my parrot for just over a month. He is about 6 months old and spent 3 months in a pet shop. I am looking for someone who could help me with the general training of my parrot. He has improved in the short space of time but still bites terribly.

He is now sitting on my shoulder but the biting is proving to be an issue. He spoke this morning for the first time - I was surprised as I did not expect him to talk only after a month of me talknig to him. He only speaks when he thinks Im not there.

How do I a) train him to come to me and see me as someone to love. b) how do I encourage him to talk around me. I am enjoying having him as part of my life and I have found him quite a charactor. Any advise would be very grateful. Parrots are the most amazing pets.

ps I have a story which involves teenage behaviour. I scolded my parrot - Hugo for biting me and said a loud "NO". I went off to do something and when I came back he had climbed the curtain and was all puffed up. I called to him and he simply turned his back on me - I thought it was quite commical but the question is this: Are Brown Headed Parrots capable of throwing a teenage tantrum?

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Feb 15, 2009
Parrot training help
by: Tracie

Yes, all parrots can have "teenager" behavior! LOL

There is not a way to "train" a bird to come to you and like you or talk to you. Some birds never learn to talk, even though they may be of a species that is known for talking. My mom had an African Grey that only said 2 words and she was with him 24/7.

You can, however, work at gaining a bird's trust and likely train the bird (encourage really) to have positive behavior and even do "tricks."

There are many parrot training DVD's and books that can help you. I don't know where to lead you since you live in another country.

We do have some articles you can read on our Parrot Training page. Chet also has great free bird training help you can try before you buy.

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