afraid my bird will pluck

by Nicole Byrne

lately my bird (red lored amazon age 9) has been really attached to me and im going away to college next semester and im afraid he is going to start you think he will?

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Dec 28, 2011
Amazon - afraid of Plucking
by: AZ

Amazons are pretty amazing birds. I have a Blue front Amazon. He's my recuse bird. Thing is, with all the bad stuff he had been thru, switching of owners, and neglect from previous owners, he's remained pretty resilient. Plucking was NOT one of the things he's ever done.

Before you leave to college, I would suggest introducing him to as many ppl as possible, esp people in the home who will caring for him. You need to let them socialize with him more, and less with you. This will help him make the transition a bit easier.

THe people caring for him, need to make sure they do it on a daily basis. increasing thier time with him, and decreasing your time with him.

Be sure he has lots of toys, allot of different ones. They love to chew! Providing him with enough toys, and other human interaction should suffice. This is an intelligent bird, long as he is stimulated and worked with each day. Show the new caregiver what he likes, dislikes, and so forth. This too will also help him make the adjustement.

I know it sounds odd, but when I get a new bird into the home, I sing to them in a gentle voice, no music, just me, sitting by the cage, singing to him. THis has always worked for all my birds with thier transitions. Even worked for my babysitters when I needed to go out of town. (as the last town I lived in didnt have bird bording)So have the new caregiver sing to him everyday... for a while, quiet room, just 1 person, and the bird, esp the day you leave. Caregiver should implament play time with him during this time as well. Keeping him busy is the key!

Your bird should do just fine. Be sure if anything should happen to him while you're away that the caregiver can afford a vet for him. (Esp. since your Amazon is on the endangered species list).

Good luck to you at college, and to the new caregiver. I wish you a happy healthy bird while you're away at school!

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