afraid of gloves

by Terri

I found out the hard way that my yellow napped macaw is extremely afraid of any type of gloves. She screams loud and tries to escape from her cage which she loves. Because of this fear I can't use any gloves to protect my skin.

Yes she occasionally bites me pretty hard but that is getting better. She mostly just pinches me now. I know I need to get her toe nails trimmed which is what the vet is going to do for me. I've taught her to sit on the back of my hand now because when I put her into the smaller cage I didn't want to use any gloves or towel.

Do you think that once her nails and beak are trimmed that she'll not cause as many sores to my skin? I'm sort of polka-dotted right now from all of this. Some of the sores do bleed but not bad. They're mostly like a bruise or a blood blister.

I have a feeling that her previous owner abused her somehow, after all she's, like I said, terrified of gloves.

Also is there some type of food that can help calm her down when she gets upset?

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Aug 17, 2015
Bird afraid of gloves
by: Tracie

It is my opinion that it's a good thing to slowly help a large parrot get used to gloves, because when they go through a hormonal stage, you may need them.

I suggest you slow down and try to help the bird first learn to trust you. Then perch train the bird, so that you can get the bird on a long perch to bring it in and out of the cage. (Make sure the wings are clipped, so you the bird can't fly. You don't want the bird to get hurt, and you don't want to terrify the bird by chasing it.)

Read up all you can on macaw training. Learn to recognize your bird's body language. If you notice when the bird is getting upset, you will rarely get bit, if ever.

Once you have established trust, then you can introduce gloves, letting the bird play with the glove, sit on it etc., and slowly get it used to getting on the glove when you are wearing it by rewarding it when it does.

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