Afraid of red and yellow objects

by Flor
(Bronx, NY US)

Why my QP is afraid of red and yellow objects?

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Oct 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have a parrot that is afraid of anything that is red. He's 5 years old & been like this since 8 weeks old.

Don't force these items on the bird if he's uncomfortable with it. There will be a colour that will appeal to him. Use items of that colour. My parrot goes crazy over green things. BTW, I have a male eclectus parrot. Females are red so he's supposed to like red LOL

It's probably nothing more than just a personal choice to not like particular colours. There are many other colours you can use.

Oct 20, 2011
Afraid of red and yellow objects
by: Linda

It takes parrots a while to get used to something new and that includes colors. Since you did not specify which red and yellow objects your bird is afraid of, I can't really say what is going on.

Birds also like things to stay the same. If you try and change color of dishes, perches or cage covers, they will not like it and will react with fear. Cage covers should always be either pastel colors like pink and blue or dark colors like dark green, blue and so on.

So, write back in with more detail and in the meantime, keep red and yellow away from them.


Oct 20, 2011
Bird afraid of certain colors
by: Tracie

Could it be that it is afraid of the objects you are putting in the cage, and not so much the color?

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