African Congo Grey 13 years old Persistent infection under wings

by Will McKinley
(Portland, Oregon)

I left my bird in the full time care of an Avian Clinic and a renown expert...for six months... I am sure she did her best, but my bird, Grace' is back with me with exactly the same symptoms, a recurring painful infection-like attack under each wing, the pain of which is giving the bird's psychology a hard time (when flapping for balance)and during the stay at the clinic she also developed painful arthritis in onbe leg then two ...which seems to be healed up now.

There has been this looming and recurring question of euthenasia. The bird exhibits much affection and vocalization and a good appetite, but is the same after six months of intensive experiments in-house clinic treatments. Any suggestions you might have would be much appreciated, I am at my wits' end. She shrieks if I try to pick her up or get her to step up - even after crossing the room to get me to pick her up.

The red sore areas undfer each wing have returned. I have no medication ior instruction from the vet expert. Is it indeed time to give up on the bird?

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Dec 07, 2011
Bird with possible axillary dermatitis
by: The Avian Vet

I cannot say if it is time to euthanize without examining her. It sounds like axillary dermatitis. I do not know what has been done so far, but this is a very difficult issue to treat. It is possible that it can be treated but there are no guarantees.

I recommend that you seek a second opinion. You should consider a skin biopsy, cultures, x-rays and blood work to continue diagnosis. There are medications too that can help. Antibiotics, pain medications, etc.

Dr B

Dec 03, 2011
Sick bird
by: Anonymous

I am soo sorry to hear this has happened to your bird. I have a Grey too, and If it were my bird, of course I would do all that I could to make her better. But then again, i would begin thinking about her quality of life having to go through all of this. I work at a vet who treats dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, etc. And it all will come down to the same thing if an animal is suffering.. You and only you make that decision of whats best for your baby. Understandibly this is stressful on you, but it is for your bird too. If you should decide to euthanize, it is a humane decision and never blame yourself. Consider it a gift that we can give to our animals who are suffering. It is peaceful and will lift away the stress and pain you and your bird are suffering from. Goodluck to you and your "Grace" she sounds like a true fighter. :-)

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