african gray amazons

by jackie
(stockbridge, georgia usa)

I am going on a field trip with my students for 4 days. Will my absence have an affect on my African Gray because he will be alone. will he remember me and will he let me touch him upon return. What type of behavior should I expect.

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Feb 07, 2012
African GrEy & Amazons
by: Anonymous

Greys and Amazons are 2 different types of birds. DO you just have one, or both?

I would suggest having someone the bird knows to come and sit with him. He will remember you when you get home, question is will he be happy or mad to see you?

The sitter should interact with him, play with him, and so forth. He needs stimulation. I personally take my bird once a week to a friends house, allowing her to get to know the surroundings, and my friend. This way should something happen to me, or I need a sitter, my bird will comfortably go to her, and can stay in her home for the time needed.

I've seen bird boarding facilities run by both a vet and the local aviary. They're kept clean, the people interact with your bird, they get time outside of the cage on a perch in the middle of the room. They always have someone there incase of emergency. Boarding per day is about $10. They will follow any special instructions you leave for your bird, or administer medications if needed.

I have researched the boarding facilities in my area, as a back up plan incase a sitter is needed, and my designated sitter isnt able to take her.

It's always a good idea, in my opinion, to take your bird with you when you go to visit with your friends/family. It stimulates the bird, it socializes the bird, and helps the bird from becoming phobic. My African Grey is happy to go anywhere with me, and goes to anyone who says step up. They have bird carriers designed especially for your bird, with perch and feeders.

Don't feel bad if you need to use a boarding facility, just ask for a walk through to ensure it's clean, and ask questions about how your birds day will go.

Good luck, and safe trip!

Feb 05, 2012
african gray amazons
by: Linda

As Tracie said, you have to have a pet sitter who will come over at least once a day and twice would be better. Someone staying at your home would be the best idea, and your Avian Vet can help you find a reliable pet sitter if all else fails.You can also board your bird with the Avian Vet. He cannot be left alone for 4 days because he will run out of food and water or suffer some other kind of disaster.

It is never good to go off and leave any pets alone including birds who are caged and cannot get out to help themselves.


Feb 05, 2012
Leaving bird for a few days
by: Tracie

Probably your bird will be very happy to see you again, but it is possible it will be upset with you for a day or so and then get over it.

We have had it go both ways with different birds. I am hoping you have someone looking after your bird every day to spend time with it and make sure doesn't have an accident or get ill while you are gone.

Make sure you give written permission for the caregiver to take your bird to an avian vet and leave the vet's phone number on a large paper posted somewhere it can't be missed.

Getting a nifty pet sitter chart would be handy too.

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