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Nov 06, 2010
african gray biting
by: Linda

Well, you do not give much history here, so it is difficult to have any concrete idea as to why your bird has started biting and screaming. One thing I can think of right away is he may be sick with a low level infection which will become much worse in time. Take him to be examined by an Avian(bird) Vet in your driving area, and there is a link on this page if you need help finding one. Do not take to regular dog and cat vet as they know nothing about birds, are not licensed or trained to treat birds and usually end of either doing nothing or killing them. Only an Avian Vet for a bird.

Find an Avian Vet

Sudden changes in behavior mean either the bird is sick or getting sick or is bored and needs more attention or is spoiled with too much attention. There are training materials on this site, and BEFORE any training, please make sure he is healthy by taking him to an Avian Vet.

Diet is important for a bird's health, and he should be eating organic pellets like Harrison's. All seed diets kill birds as they age and they suffer many physical problems before they actually die from one of them. Here is a link on how to go about changing from seeds to pellets, and it does take time, so follow instructions, never starve your bird to get it to eat a new food, and you will see results on down the road. It is important to get him off all seed diet now before he ages some and starts to have problems like gout and fatty liver disease.
Switching Birds to Pellets article


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