African gray parrot egg laying

by salman

my gray parrot female first 13 days proper laying egg but after days not proper laying egg some night time exit the box ,please guide me


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Apr 10, 2014
african grey eggs
by: Anonymous

my grey is 10 yrs and has laid 3 eggs, I threw 2 away so how do I treat her with calcium instead of the cal bone

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Mar 03, 2012
African gray parrot egg laying
by: Linda

I'm not sure what you are talking about. If your bird is less than 6-7 years old, she is too young to be laying eggs. If she is older and having problems laying eggs, then you have to take her to an Avian Vet ONLY right away or risk her death.

If eggs are infertile, she will not sit on them, and they will have to be thrown away. It takes 25-30 days for the first egg laid to hatch. After that, you can consider them unfertile and throw them away. I'd also take out the nestbox because the egg forming and laying is very stressful for a bird's body. Breed no more than once a year in any event. So, until your birds have been examined by an Avian Vet and both are deemed healthy, you're done breeding for the year.

All birds have to be examined for infections or other physical problems before breeding to make sure they are healthy enough to do this very stressful job.

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