african gray parrot move to Phillippines

by carmen
(Los Angeles California)

I have an eight year old african gray parrot and I would like to take the bird with me to the philippines for good. Is it safe to take the bird with me and can the african gray parrot adopt the climate. i am presently living in Los Angeles, California

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Mar 18, 2012
african gray parrot move to Phillippines
by: Linda

First, you will have to check with the regulations for bringing exotics into the Phillipines. Call California Fish and Wildlife offices in your city and see if they can get you in touch with the right people. Most countries require a quarantine period and length depends upon country regulations. Birds being imported into the US used to have to be in quarantine for 30 to 45 days depending on the port of entry.A lot of them died there from poor care and sickness.

So, you'll need to find all that out before even considering taking him. As for climate, keep your bird inside at all times because the tropical country will be hotter and more packed with bugs, snakes and other predators. So, in order for bird to adapt, he will need to be kept inside and at a fairly constant temperature. Do not consider putting him outside as it will be a disaster for his health. Your other MAJOR consideration is water quality. If possible, put some home water into gallon jugs that are watertight so you can mix the two waters for at least a week. Also make sure you have your new water tested before even you drink it. If filtering is required make sure you use the reverse osmosis system which is what US water companies use. We have Culligan system under the sink, and we rent it, so they come and change filters and check water quality as needed.

As for actual travel with bird, if he is tame enough, you can buy one of the fabric-based carriers and take him with you as carryon. Whether you can do this or not will depend on what the regulations are for incoming exotics, so get all your facts in hand. DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO BE PUT INTO CARGO HOLD AS HE WILL MOST LIKELY DIE. Also give yourself plenty of time to find him a suitable home here if he will be better off and safer. I don't know if you'll be able to visit him in quarantine or not, so another fact to nail down. The other MOST IMPORTANT thing is your bird wlll require a Certificate of Health signed by a licensed Avian Vet. This may be all the Phillipines requires for him to come into the country. You will need to make sure you take him into Avian Vet at least a month before trip in case he has any physical issues that need to be treated before the trip.

Thanks for writing and best of everything for you!

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