African Gray


My parrot likes to chew on his wooden perches. He always ends up chewing them in two. What kind of perch can I use that would not always be replacing them. Thank You.

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Mar 19, 2008
you know
by: Anonymous

a bird that chews stuff is a healthy bird, and it keeps their beaks from getting to sharp, and also keeps them entertained so when you got the parrot it comes with the territory sorry to burst your bubble of hope but it happens

Jan 20, 2008
re: African Gray
by: Anonymous

you can buy flavored cuttlebone perches that are ment for being chewed through.

Jan 17, 2008
Perches for African Grey
by: Tracie

Hello Linda,

This website sells Sweet Feet and Beak perches that can not be chewed up. They are smooth on the top where the bird's foot stands and rough on the sides where the nails land. This helps keep their nails trimmed.

Just go to the Home Page or the Parrot Supply Page and look under Toys and Supplies on the top right hand side of the chart.

You can also get Manzanita perches for them and he will not be able to chew through them as fast.

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