African Grey 5 Months old won't Eat Anything

by Asif Arain

Hi My Congo African grey won't eat anything weather in cage or out of cage even he won't near seed mix for parrots now this time I'm really really very fed-up with his behavior.
My heart tears apart because of him I love him so Much but he started to dis-heart me I left him on perch to eat his veggies but he won't I left him in cage to eat his seed mix but he wants to come out all the time.

I fed him with 50-cc of Kay-tee Formula at night and the day he remains starved I don't know why he is doing this when he has Fresh Veggies and fruits available all the time...
Another Note:- He look fine nothing s wrong with him my Vet said he is in good health condition.

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Jan 11, 2013
5 month old AG still hand feeding
by: The Avian Vet

If you have been hand feeding him since he was very young, then the problem is that he does not have other birds to learn to eat from. If you have been hand feeding since a few weeks old, I suspect that when this bird becomes sexually mature, he will turn against whomever hand fed him and he will pick someone else to bond with, someone that he does not see as a parent.

If you want him to wean, you are going to have to stop hand feeding him. He is not going to eat on his own as long as you are meeting his caloric needs with the one feeding per day. 50cc is way to much for a bird that should be weaned. When you stop feeding you will need to weigh him daily to see if he is loosing weight.

I am happy to make a phone consultation appointment to help you through this.

Dr B
To Wean or Not To Wean article

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