african grey age concern

by Ian

i recently bought an a/g and was told i was the 3rd owner the man i bought it off told me he had it 2 years and he was told it was 1 year old when he bought it

I've only had the bird 2 days and its taken to me very well saying the odd words it already knows and gives me kisses just as it did its previous owner

My question i am looking for an answer to is the ring on its foot has 01 on it so i presume it is 8 years old as i can't understand why anyone would put an older ring on suh a bird ,if my bird is 8 years old as the ring sugests will it still learn new words/phrases of would i be better off just learning what the bird itself already knows
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Aug 31, 2009
African Grey Age Concern
by: L'oiseaux

I work with rescued parrots and see many birds like yours that have been passed from owner to owner. Chances are that if the band has an "01" on it, then the bird was hatched in 2001. Don't worry. An eight year old African Grey is not an old bird, and this can actually be a good thing since it is more likely that the personality you see now in your bird is the personality he will have the rest of his life. With parrots, personality changes as the bird reaches sexual maturity. The sweet loving young birds we often see in pet stores can turn into birds with attitude later on in life (this of course depends a lot too on how it is raised and treated). It sounds like your bird is sweet and was likely treated with respect growing up.
Regarding ability to learn new words: In my experience, if a parrot is a good talker (not all parrots are big talkers - depends on the individual's personality) then he will pick up new words from you. I would also re-enforce some of his existing words, repeating them back to him when he says them to you, because it will provide him with a comfort level and some satisfaction in knowing he is effectively communicating with you. It is very important to parrots to communicate with their flock. Since your bird has a human flock, he will most likely try to communicate in the human way.

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