african grey allways wants on my shoulder.

by justin

My african grey allways wants to go on my shoulder. when I sit down on the floor or on a char he is allways trying to get on my shoulder. I take him off, he just trys to climb back to my shoulder. we do this over and over. I cant just get him to sit on my lap or on my hand. I never let him on my shoulder. when he gets up on my shoulder I take him down.

he seems like hes scared. I have 4 cats and a dog. they dont try to hurt him or anything they just look at him. how do I get them use to them? when I sit on the floor with him and try to put him beside me the first thing he does is come to me then onto my shoulder. how do I get him used to being on the floor with me?

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Nov 25, 2011
African Grey
by: Anonymous

Any Bird , it is there nature to fear cats and dogs, a cat or dog can lash out in a heartbeat and kill the parrot, all a cat has to do is scratch the bird and infaction will kill it, You should feel priveledged that the bird likes you and wants to be on your shoulder, up high out of harms way from the cats and dog, They should always be separated in my opinion .

Nov 24, 2011
african grey allways wants on my shoulder.
by: Linda

Of course he is scared to death of the dogs and cats and has every right to be. Given any opportunity the dogs and cats will be all over him and will either kill him or maim him to the point he may as well be put to sleep. You're playing a deadly game here, and your bird's life is hanging in the balance. You have no right to put him in such a position of fear for his life.

Get up off the floor entirely when playing with your bird while the other animals are present. Either put the cats and dogs outside or in another room with the door shut when you are working and playing with your bird.

He's trying to get to your shoulder because it is the highest place he can get to especially when you are on the floor. He's trying to save his own life which you seem to be totally unaware of.

If you don't start taking some safety precautions with your bird, I guarantee you your dogs and cats will kill him. Just because they don't seem to care much is not the truth. They care a great deal, and while you are present, they will try to be good, but believe me, one or the other of them are waiting for a chance to hurt your bird.

So, if you want to train your bird, then you have to make him feel safe, and this does not include dogs and cats all around while you're doing it.

This is not a problem with your bird, it a problem with you and the fact you don't even seem to understand that your bird is terrified of his natural enemies.Birds are prey animals, and the cats and dogs are predators. This is simple nature at work.

Keep your bird safe and see the world through his eyes. He's not a toy, and he is a highly intelligent and feeling creature who deserves your protection. Once he starts to feel safe, he will start to get that he does not need to be on your shoulder. Continue the way you are going, and he will be dead, and this conversation will have been wasted energy on your bird's behalf.

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