African Grey and conure in same room?

I own a year old, tame and sociable African Grey. I'd like to purchase another parrot like a Conure to keep in the separate cage but same room. Will my African Grey become jealous or aggressive towards me or the new Conure?

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Aug 21, 2017
Sun conure rooster bullies African grey!
by: Karen

I adopted my grey at 3 months old and have a 2 yr old sun conure and my grey is afraid of the little orange troublemaker. My conure will make little bites at her and isn't one bit scared and will oddly sometimes sit on the same perch but when my conure rooster is cuddled into me will attack Anybody including my 2 poor cats and husky. My sweet grey is now 3 YRS old and I wish it was possible to neuter my conure he thinks he's 10 ft tall and owns me. I guess he does

Dec 16, 2011
Another bird
by: Anonymous

Its hard to say how your Grey will react. They are so sensitive that they will either accept it, or not like it at all. I took that risk though. I had my Grey for 3 years and just recently adopted a Caique. They live in the same room. My Grey is so attached to me, but seems to enjoy the company of the caique. They call to eachother with the same noises and will share food to forage on a mat on the floor without issue. I was very concerned myself but it all worked okay. So my theory is either do it or dont. But if it doesnt work out you should have a plan on what to do next. Goodluck!

Dec 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

sounds like your sweetheart is a happy bird already. I have a Panagonian and a green cheeck conure in the same room and are in separate cages its been fine they been sitting side by side for many yrs., but i also got them almost @ the same time. Why ruin a good thing your bird loves you and probly is quite happy with the living arrangement.if i had to do over i would stick to 1 bird and give it all my love. good luck in your decision.

Dec 14, 2011
African grey and Conure in same room
by: Shannara

Birdies brothern who live with me in the order I rescued them in...
3 cockateils cage one
2 Congo African greys (bonded pair) cage 2
1 sun conure cage 3
1 catalina macaw cage 4
all SLEEP in the same room (My bedroom).
I have all cages about 3 feet apart and I cover all cages at night.NEVER cage TOGETHER has always been my thought.

My birds do not stay in cage durning daylight hours, but do all have play gyms about 6-12 feet apart in the same living room.

All of my parrots know their territory in the living room I guess and seem to get along fine ... less Macaw she will not tolerate any other parrot in her play area. Once in a while my male AF even goes over and perches with the sun conure and visa versa.

I have worked hard to keep my birds social and they inter act very well from a distance. I never leave them alone when out of cage. There is always a chance that a larger bird can injure or even kill a smaller parrot in a seconds notice over something so small as a sunflower seed.

Also know that many smaller parrots are troubled by larger parrots crys and can become stressed. So you will have to watch and be sure your conure is accepting of sharing it's sleeping room.

Dec 14, 2011
Adding a conure to the flock
by: Tracie

There is no telling how your bird will respond, but many, many people have more than one bird in the room with their African Grey parrots without issue.

I think the birds will enjoy each other's company, even if they can not spend time outside of their cages safely together. Just make sure you want the other bird and that you are not just buying it as company for the AG. You will have twice the mess and twice the noise.

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