African grey behavior

by Lexi
(Poulsbo, WA U.S.)

Boobird - African Grey

Boobird - African Grey

My African grey "Boo" keeps jerking at her toys and my blankets like she's trying to thrown them. She also bobs her head dramatically from side to side/ up & down every time I come in the room, but not to my husband. Is this an attempt to intimidate me or is she searching for something else? Any thoughts on the behavior?

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Mar 04, 2013
AG aggressive towards one person
by: Tracie

I should have chimed in earlier, sorry the focus ended up being on the harness instead of your question.

Has she always done this, or is it new behavior? It is very difficult to determine why birds treat one family member different than another.

It could be your hairspray, deodorant or other smell on you that is not on your husband.

It could be it senses fear or tension you may feel toward the bird, your husband or in general.

If you have ever raised your voice at the bird or scared the bird, it could be it remembers this and you will again have to work at establishing trust.

No matter what, I would aim to be as odorless as possible, and get your husband to help the bird accept you. My husband had to do this with our GC conures.

You can read about our experience on our Parrot Training page. Choose the "answer for GC biting" article.

Mar 04, 2013
Behavior answers please.
by: Poster

Yes, it is absolutely a harness. No, she does not live in it. She lives in/on a California cage... And on nice warm days she lives in an outdoor atrium. She cruises the house at her leisure and hangs out with the family. She is on a vet tech parrot pellet diet with her preferred fruits and veggies. She has a great evnironment and as previously stated, she ONLY does this behavior when she's alone with me- she doesnt do it all the time nor does she do it with my husband. SO... Any ideas on her behaviors or just opinions on harnesses?

As to the "not a dog" comment, no matter what animal it's in it's not a 'natural' piece of animal life so why is it considered acceptable on a dog and not a bird? It's 'ok' for a dog outdoors to be in one for "safety" but not for a bird? Your statement is ludicrous.

Mar 04, 2013
by: Alex

Linda, she is in a harness. I have seen them on the internet, but they look uncomforatble. I have never placed any of my birds in such an and uncomfortable thing.

She is not a dog.

Mar 03, 2013
African grey behavior
by: Linda

It appears your bird is in some kind of harness? It looks that way in the picture, and I'd like to ask why she is in such a contraption?

If this is how she is always tied up when out of cage, then this is also the answer to your question. Your bird is going insane.

Please send more information about what that is that's on her and all the other information about her environment and what she eats.

I hope I saw the picture wrong because if this is the way she lives, then she is quietly going mad.

Get back with us about everything when you can, and if I've made some kind of mistake about the picture, please understand what it looks like to someone.


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