African Grey Biting

I have an African Grey called Jack who is now 1 years of age, since about five weeks ago he has started biting and now when ever I place my hand near his head he bites please help with any tips

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Aug 24, 2010
Power Trip
by: Anonymous

I also have an African Grey who about 2 months ago will lower his head to be pet but when you go to pet his head he will bit, and draw blood.
When I yell "ouch" he will yell ouch.
We never lock him in his cage, he walks all over the house at will, I put him in his cage and locked it for the first time and kept him in there for 3-days & he loved talk and talk some more......I beleive just like a 5 year old child needs to be reminded who is the boss so does your African Grey........but do not hit him at all........use a firm voice and put him in the cage for a few days....then open it again he will come out all good again.

Jul 23, 2009
give him love
by: Anonymous

hes probably just unhappy with a change in his environment or somthing you did or he may be stressed, if youve made any changes to his cage or your house or if the bird may be going through a stressful time just give him love and try to make him happy or give him a mood supplement i do that for my birds it often helps

Oct 15, 2008
Biting African Grey
by: Kralice4u

I am the proud owner of an African Grey as well.
There are times when he would become "Nippy" for no reason at all. There are ways to train him not to do so. One proven effective way is to view Chet Womack's free video on this site. I have never used this method, but I have many friends that have and it works every time!

Editors Note: You can find the link to Chet's site and other Parrot Training at the link below.

Parrot Training page

Oct 15, 2008
African grey bites
by: Lewis

Hi first let me say that African grey really are not cuddly and do not like to be pet .I own one and if he wants his head scratched he will lower it. Do not force yourself on Jack he loves you just be patient and also buy a few books on African greys.


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