African grey biting

by Ricky
(Leicester )

My African grey flew to my shoulder sat there chirping then she started trying to bite me don't know why she 13 weeks old so I put her back in her cage and left her there

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Oct 01, 2011
Time to do some training...
by: Anonymous

A 13 week old African grey, while very intelligent, is still a baby. It sounds almost like a feeding behavior. Now putting the bird in the cage when it bites us the right thing to do but the trick is that you then have to ignore it and then after a minute or two you have to let her back out. That way she associates the behavior with being ignored and birds want nothing less than to be ignored by their flockmates.
It's tough to understand right away but she's probably biting you in this case because you're daddy and she instinctively is nipping your beak so you'll cough something up. Not necessarily because she's hungry but as a bonding thing. As sweet as that is, you do have to be firm and consistent (like firm tofu) about giving the short cage "time-outs" when she bites or she won't figure out that it's unacceptable to bite a hairless ape.

Sep 30, 2011
by: Anonymous

It was 9 pm not sure I think she might have been tired

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