African grey biting

by Bernie

Hi there just a quick question,I have a 13 week old african grey, when I got her she was lovely and loved cuddles wiv me and my boyfriend, I got a new cage yesterday and ever since she is going for my boyfriend (biting him) I can hold her cuddle kiss her and she doesn't bite me, why is she doing this? My boyfriend can hold her out the cage but when he goes to get her in the cage she bites him
thanks bernie

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Oct 07, 2011
African grey biting
by: Linda

Main issue here is the new cage. Give her time to settle into it as all birds are wary of anything new whether it be a cage, new toy, new food dishes and new perches. I believe she'll settle down in time. For the time being, have husband get her out of cage on a perch which will stop the biting. Also, he will need to do some of the feeding, watering and cage cleaning. Bird's trust is earned not freely given, so he'll have to do some things to win her over. Do not spoil her, just treat her as you would a 4-5 year old human child, and you'll be okay.

Just keep in mind, you are always going to see some acting out when birds are presented with new things, and maybe she thinks your husband is responsible for all the changes. There is also a possibility she loves her new cage so much she wants to stay in it, but don't allow her to tell you what to do in these matters of training. She has to learn that she has to do as she's requested without so much fuss. This does not involve ever being mean to her either by word or act, it simply means working WITH her every step of the way.

I think it will work out fine with patience and understanding on both your parts.


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