African grey biting

by Asif Arain
(karachi, Pakistan)

Hi I have an African grey named Danny 1 year n 1 day old talks alot hard to shut his beak... when he was 6mo he starts biting to my wife and kids since then they won't pick him up but he is very good with me never bite me yet he was at pin feathers when I bought him for my kids but suddenly he starts biting what should I do to make him comfortable with my wife and kids... when they go near danny he will attack to them wife and kids

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May 01, 2013
The 1 on 1 Method
by: Anonymous

I learned that when one of my parrots had decided that I was the only one allowed to deal with it, I quickly changed things around. I would leave and tell my husband or daughter to change the water cups or give the treat all of the time. I would have nothing to do with the treat and I would make sure that when they dealt with the parrot they were alone one on one. I also manipulated many things so that the parrot realized that I was NOT the only one caring for it. Doesn't matter if they bite, they are watching. They are very smart and study situations and study routines very well. Follow the advise you get here through the administrators but also research and you will find many types of videos.

May 01, 2013
African grey parrot biting
by: Tracie

You can help the bird to accept the family, but it may take time. Please read the articles at this Parrot Training page link. Even though you don't have a conure, read the article on the biting GC conure because it describes how my husband was able to get our birds to stop attacking me.

I would encourage your family to first develop a relationship of trust with the bird. Spend time near the bird, talking sweetly to the bird without making any demands. Eventually get them to offer a favorite treat. Just keep moving forward from there, being careful to never break the bird's trust by scaring the bird or making it angry.

All of you must study the bird's body language. Notice how the feathers start to raise and his pupils get small just before he lunges to bite. When you see your bird is not happy, back off and respect that it wants more space.

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