African Grey Cages

by Kabila's Mom
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Does anyone know where to get quality cages in South Africa.

The first one we had we bought from a company in Durban but I can't find their address or contact details. It was many years ago. It lasted at least 10 years.

The new one we got from the local pet shop. It is only about 3 years old and has rusted and is falling apart.

Our babay "swims" weekly we put the cage outside under the sprinkler and he plays in the water. We did it with the first cage too and it lasted. This one has not.

Any suggestions?


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Aug 10, 2010
African Grey Cages
by: Linda

Unless you buy a high quality stainless steel cage, all of them will rust when put under the sprinkler or washed and not dried off. I'd get a smaller stainless steel cage plus another cage made for the larger Amazons for his in house cage. They are not making them as good as they used to, and the powder coat is thinner, plus the quality of metal is thinner and of low quality. You may as well get another like you had before or one a step up in price. The higher the price, the higher quality is the usual rule of thumb, but not always so, so look around a bit. Stainless steel ones are the only ones not going to rust out at some point, and they are VERY expensive. Even with them, the cheaper, thinner, lower quality ones will rust out because some of them are just plated not solid stainless steel. Make sure the one you get is solid stainless steel and not some imitation because you may end up paying a big price for a crappy, cheap cage. Good Luck and God's Speed!

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