african grey - colors they see

by isabella
(Edmonton, Alberta,Canada )

what colors can they see and how many lenses do they have and what kind of vision do they have

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Jun 15, 2016
African bird colors
by: Megan

African grey parrots are a nice shade of white on there head that travels down there back into a light grey and then it gets darker and darker down to the tail and then it turns red and it is a very pretty red like an apple ❤️

May 14, 2010
Colors parrots see
by: The Avian Vet

They have one lens in each eye. They see colors and they see in the UV spectrum. They have excellent eyesight, both near and far away.

Dr B

May 11, 2010
african grey- seeing colors
by: Lynn

I am not sure what kind of vision african greys have but I know my timneh hates anything red. He will not eat or play with anything that is red so I am sure he can see colors.

May 11, 2010
african grey - colors they see
by: Linda

Birds have the best vision of any animal, including humans, on the planet. They can see clearly at least 200 feet away from them and maybe farther. They see a full spectrum of colors same as we do.

Birds should never be put close to a TV or computer screen as all they see are pixels and flash which can cause seizure activity if it happens too often. Keep birds across a large room from a TV and even then don't let them watch it much because the flash causes erratic brain activity. We humans may not notice this flash, and it is causing similar problem with our brains if we spend hours in front of a TV. Computer screen is not so bad if filtering screen is used. For the bird, even the screen is not enough protection, so keep them away from computers and lots of TV.

Hope this answers your question, and another little thing. Birds see FLAT until they turn their heads because of eye placement. They think pictures are real, so never have pictures of predatory animals near them, or any animals or birds for that matter. Decorate their areas with flowers, butterflies (small ones) and trees and such.They have no depth perception unless they turn their head from one side to the other, so we are also seen as flat until they do that.


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