African grey communication problems?

by Raigan
(Tallahassee Florida)

A few small questions..
I have a rescue african grey. His name is Bubbasaur, named after the Pokemon Bulbasaur. So here are a few questions that I have so that I can better understand my lovable bird pal.

My african grey seems to ALWAYS be hungry! If I'm eating, he wants in. Is that normal?

He whistles a LOT, and picks up new whistles every now and then. How ever, he mostly will only do this when I am not in the room to grab my attention. Though sometimes he will when I am on the computer or watching the TV. He says a few words, but so rarely that it seems that he can't actually speak. How can I encourage him to both chat with me in the room and to learn words and use them??

Also, when I am in the room an talking to him in a sweet happy tone he starts dancing. So cute! I love my Bubbasaur.

He also will hold your finger in his beak, but not biting down or anything. Just holding and licking your finger. what does that mean??

In my home, I have an african grey (congo) and a green amazon (orange winged). the amazon is in early 30's and grey is about 10. How can I help these birds get to be friends? is it possible?

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Mar 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the answer!! hope it'll help me be an even better bird mom hah.

Mar 06, 2012
Grey Communication
by: Az

Birds are social eaters. It's okay to give your bird people food, but only fresh washed fruits veggies, even chicken and cooked eggs. I recommend however that your bird have a diet consisting mainly of Roudybush pellets. This will ensure he gets all the nutrition he needs.

The easiest thing for a bird to learn is to whistle. Once a bird learns to whistle, it will be hard to teach him to talk. Not impossible. Never whistle to your bird, never teach him new ones. When you leave the room, he says a word, come back in give a treat. (like a sunflower seed) Do this each time he says a word, give praise, repeat the word to him. This will encourage him to talk, vs whistle. Once he catches on that talking is good, he will learn new words. How quickly he learns, will depend on the time you spend with him.

Your bird obviously craves your attn. A grey should have about 4 hours per day of interaction from a human. This stimulates them, and prevents plucking. Greys have a high intellect, and need it, with plenty toys.

Birds are curious, they feel things with thier mouths. My Grey, when she wants to be pet, will grab my fingers and mouth on them. Not sure why yours is doing it, except to check stuff out. Make sure you keep your hands washed, and nicotine free. Your bird obviously wants something from you, and is trying to tell you, or just checking your fingers out.

Birds can be friends, however, they should be kept in thier own cages, never in the same. THe older bird will be agressive as he was there first! And can resent you. You can keep thier cages near each other, let them get to know each other that way. There is never a garrantee they can sit next to each other on the same perch. They can be friends from a distance.
If you choose to put them on the same perching stand, be prepared for a vet visit, as it is no garrantee they will get along being THAT close. I personally don't recommend it.

Birds can be terroritorial with thier space and thier human.

I'm very pleased to hear your bird is getting along well in his new home, and that you're enjoying his company!
Good luck!

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