African Grey Congo 20 years old stange behavior

by Lisa
(Sedona, AZ, USA)

African Grey

African Grey

For the last 2 days my African Grey has been flapping his wings and going back and forth up and down on his playpen (not in a cage) he is also beeping while doing this.

I checked all around to make sure there was nothing that should frighten him, I keep giving him fresh water and fresh food and different food. He has exhibited this behavior before but not for this amount of time.

I am disabled and depend on others to get me around so I am not able to take him to a vet but am afraid that someting is wrong with him. He does stop for short periods of time and does stop and sleep at night. I have had him for 20 years he is like my child please if anyone knows what is going on please help. Lisa

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Apr 22, 2012
CAG 20 yrs old - strange behavior
by: Anonymous


To prevent your bird from being PHOBIC, you should introduce him to one new item per day, making sure the object is bird safe and non toxic, and be sure to supervise him with it.

I give my bird plastic spoons, straws, popsicle sticks, washed coins, different shaped noodles, over sized pen caps, plastic bottle caps. Just anything really.

Take him on walks thru the house. let him touch things like pictures, and mirrors, ETC. My bird, I move her cage each wk, about 1-2 inches this way or that. I keep my birds wings clipped, so we go on small walks in the backyard. However I dont have other pets to worry about.

They say by the time your dog is 4 months old heshould be introduced to at least 100 people. Since this is not possible for birds, you need to introduce 100 items. Different toys, any thing really, long as it's safe, and he's supervised.

My CAG isn't afraid of a thing, and full of spunk!
I would also recommend basic taming and training of your bird as well. Plenty how to's on youtube for step by step training. This will build greater trust, and reduce phobias as well

Good luck

Editor's note: Due to people all over the world reading this, I feel I need to warn you about allowing your bird to play with coins or other metals. Make sure there is no zinc or other poisonous metals in your coins. Check with your avian vet before allowing anything not made specifically for birds to be in your bird's cage.
Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list

Apr 21, 2012
He was afraid of something
by: Lisa

Thank you for posting my question,I kept working with PJ (parrot) and decided to change the location of his playpen in case there was something I couldn't see that may have been frightening him. He has since calmed down dramatically--I still don't know what the object was, but I am so relieved that he is ok. I just wanted to make sure that I posted this in case someone else ever has the same problem because only we know how much they mean to us. Once again thanks for posting my problem.

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