African Grey Congo has a cold

by Olga
(Port Saint Lucie)

I've had my Venus for 14yrs. She is a very happy healthy parrot. She has a discharge from her nose. She does not show any signs of distress and her behavior is still happy and playful. She is eatting fine. My daughter had a cold and she is very attentive to our bird. My Vet told me from the beginning he does not do birds. He only keeps her clipped. I am still frightened about the discharge. What to do?

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Dec 02, 2014
My African Congo Baby has a COLD?!
by: Anonymous

My 7month old African Congo Grey I believe has a cold. He has diarrhea and his feathers are constantly fluffed up and he is a lot more lethargic than usual. So far I have given him baked potatoes to help with the Diarrhea along with water with honey. I tried handfeeding him some baby food along with AD pet food to help rebuild his strength by giving him some extra protein. He hasnt lost his appetite I mean he still eats and drinks fine; however, he isnt his usual curious and noisy self. I am worried that this might lead to a more serious issue. I am also planning on giving Baytril 2.5% if the diarrhea and cold doesnt go away since its an antibiotic. I have spoken to an avian specialist about these treatments so I am not just trying whatever works.

Jul 21, 2009
Update on Venus
by: Olga

I found a Vet to see Venus today. She drew Blood,
gave her Injections, Vitamin B Complex, and an Antibiotic. She also did an X-Ray. I have to put her in a warm steam room twice a day and give her an antibiotic twice a day. She is not allowed in any room with a temp lower then 80 degrees for two weeks. A return visit is scheduled in 10 days. We also got an education on the correct food to feed a parrot.
Boy have we got alot to learn. I thank-you for your advice and look forward to chatting with other parrot owners. Speak with you soon.

Jul 18, 2009
Bird with discharge
by: The Vet

You need to find a veterinarian that sees birds. You bird needs to be seen as soon as possible.

If you need help finding an avian vet, you can look at our Find an Avian Vet page.

Dr B

Jul 18, 2009
Bacterial Infection
by: Linda

Sorry to hear your bird is sick. You will need to find an Avian vet in your area. Ask your vet where one may be. Your bird needs to be diagnosed and treated as colds are not normal for birds and can and do run into much worse things if left untreated.

Also, if a person is sick, someone else needs take of bird or sick person needs to wear a mask while around bird, cage, food and water.

Birds do not have any gram negative bacteria in their bodies, and most other animals, including humans do. This bacteria can be spread from human, dog, cat or other pet to bird. Birds won't just "get well" like we do with a cold. They have to be diagnosed and treated.

Tracie has a link she can give you that may help you find an Avian vet in your area. Sorry to say your little bird will only get sicker if not treated. Regular vets are not trained to work with birds as it takes 4-5 years of extra training to become a bird vet.

Tracie will see this message to you and will send you the link to help you find an Avian vet.

Let us know how it goes and thank you for writing.

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