african grey congo

by elena

i want to buy a parrot, but my husband said that boy better talking then a girl (African grey Congo).that boys are better for women,they like more bonded. is it true. i need an advise please. and what age parrot is good to buy

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Aug 23, 2011
Male or female African gret better talker?
by: The Avian Vet

In my experience female greys are better talkers and better pets in general. It is a myth that male birds are attracted to females and vice versa. Age is of little importance. Pick a bird that likes you and your family. If you want a baby bird, then choose one that is 14-16 weeks of age and fully weaned. There are lots of nice adult birds out there that need to be adopted, too.

Dr B
To Wean or Not To Wean article

Aug 22, 2011
african grey congo
by: Linda

A male is as good as is a female and both can and do talk. The Greys are some of the best talkers in the entire parrot world. I think what your husband is talking about is later on when birds are sexually mature around 6-7 years. Once sexually mature, both the male and female will pick a human to become bonded with. The males usually choose a female, and the female chooses the human male. This does not mean that the bird will not like anyone else. What this means is that training is involved, and before even thinking of one of the larger parrots, you need to start smaller like with a Conure, Cockatiel or even a Hahn's Macaw who is the tiniest Macaw.

Until you have studied a lot about bird behavior, the best foods to feed, the best kinds of cages and perches to provide as well as the closest Avian Vet, you are not ready for any birds. Parrots need to eat organic high quality pelleted diet like Harrisons found here, and they have to have an Avian Vet available because you'll need to take any new bird to be examined for infections because any coming from a pet store and from most breeders are already sick with an infection, so the Avian Vet is a must have. All of this costs money, so you also hae to understnd that Avian Vets are expensive, good, wholesome food is more expensive than crap, correct sized and well made cages, just the whole thing can be and is an expensive venture. If you are not willing to feed the best food, have an Avian Vet when bird is sick or injured, safe natural branch wood perches, safe toys and a healthy environment, you need to look at another type of pet. Birds are sensitive to all kinds of household cleaners, so you'll need to buy only bird safe products. No fingernail polish, no perfume, no toxic fumes of any kind.

Do your homework by reading books, going all over the internet looking for information before you bring a halpless bird into your lives. It is a big decision as parrots are not easy to keep as they are super intelligent, very emotional and needy creatures who will need all you've got and then some in the way of patience, commitment and love and trust.

Please start smaller than a Grey so you can learn how to handle a parrot that is not so large and potentially dangerous. Know that parrots are exotic wild animals not domesticated and will always be unpredictable no matter how tame they may appear to be. Learn about parrot behavior with a smaller bird, and you may then be ready for a Grey or Amazon or another of the larger birds. Until then, you are asking for trouble and heartache and possibly severe injuries from a frightened or angry larger parrot. These are not idle words, these words speak the truth, so start small and work up to the larger birds for the safety of you and entire family including friends and relatives.


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