african grey & double yellow headed parriot

by Ellie English
(Lakeville, Minnesota)

I have a double yellow headed and will soon inherit a african grey. Can I put them in the same cage and do they eat the same food.

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Dec 29, 2008
Putting an Amazon and African Grey together
by: Tracie

Hello Ellie,

First, you should take the new bird to an avian vet before bringing it home. Then, you will need to quarantine the bird, keep it separate from the Amazon in a different room, for some weeks. Follow your vet's advice on the time period.

Once you are sure the new bird is healthy and the two birds can meet each other, then you will need to put them on a neutral perching area and see how they get along.

It would really be best if you keep them in the same room with their cages near each other for a day or so and see how they act toward each other that way first. If you don't see any aggression, then you can try putting them on the same play stand or something like that.

Be ready to rescue either bird if one or both start attacking. It took our two Green Cheeked Conures a couple of weeks of attacking each other before they decided to get along.

Even if they get along outside of a cage, that does not guarantee they will ever be able to share a cage. It is a long process of watching and seeing if they bond before you can let them share a cage safely.

Follow you avian vet's advice on all of this.

As far as food goes, they can both eat the same food. Our vet recommends Harrison's make up 80% of their diet with 20% quality seed (we like Totally Organics Pellets and Seeds and healthy treats.

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