African Grey Eating Problem

by Kerry
(South Africa)

Hi, My African Grey, Nemo is about 7 years old. After a problem occured at home and I wasn't able to see him for 2 years, the people who looked after him only feed him sun flower seeds... I now have him back in my care and he remembers me and seems happy but I am trying to get him to eat fruit and veg but he doesn't seem interested. How do I get him to eat healthy again?

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Dec 24, 2011
Getting bird to eat healthy
by: Tracie

I am glad you and your bird have been reunited. :-)

Your bird should be eating 80% pellets, like Harrison's or Roudybush and only 20% healthy treats.

You can read our Switching Birds To Pellets article that was written by an avian vet to help you convert your parrot over to healthier food.

We have other health and training articles on our Parrot Training page that might interest you also.

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