African grey eating

by Danny Sioni
(Wood alnd Hills, CA)

I need help with my african grey, i bought him from a nice man at almost 4 months old. Ive had him a few weeks and he only eats edamame soy beans. He also eats peas as well but that is all it will eat! How can i get him to eat other things? i mean is a fully vegetarian parrot a good thing?

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Dec 10, 2012
African grey eating
by: Linda

Your bird is not weaned, and needs to be eating baby parrot handfeeding formula. Before he dies, which will happen shortly, find an Avian Vet in your driving are and get him there fast. He was either not weaned when you got him or he reverted back to needing to be handfed. Baby birds will revert back to needing to be handfed when moved even when completely weaned. It is a security issue, and they feel safe if someone is handfeeding them.Moving is scary and stressful.

Get him to an Avian Vet ONLY and have them show you how to do this handfeeding or board him with them and let them get him back on regular food.Work out something about the money as most avian vets will take down payments and arrange payoff of bill if you are willing to pay each month. If not, your bird will die, and he will die in pain.

Parrots are not total vegetarians, and what he is eating is not even close to any kind of balanced diet vegetarian or otherwise.

Move quikcly because your bird is going to die from starvation and all the related issues that go along with that. Heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure--you name it. Your bird will live and die in agony, so get him to an avian vet like yesterday. You are in California, and there is no shortage of avian vets everywhere in the state.


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