african grey eyes

by kerry

hi there i was wonderning if you could help me.
my cag has on a few occasions in the past had heavey breathing, it seemed almost laboured breathing which was very frightening. one one occasion during the night it happened again and lasted longer and i had to take him to the normal emergency vet. the vet said he was very sick however he got an antibiotic and has been fine for weeks now.

it happened again once after this happened, for about 30 mins but then stopped. this was weeks ago and since then he is his usual self.could it be due to heat as we live in a hot house? however i feel like ive just noticed that round about outside his eyes are blue in colour. iv never noticed this before? can you help

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Nov 30, 2009
African grey eyes
by: The Vet

You must find an avian veterinarian immediately. Your bird is in serious danger and needs immediate care. You need more than antibiotics. Your Dr. should do some diagnostics such as blood work x-rays and cultures to determine what is causing this. HE should also be in an oxygen cage and possibly getting nebulized with medications.

Dr B

Nov 27, 2009
african grey eyes
by: Linda

I must caution you about taking your bird to a regular dog and cat vet. First, they do not have the training to know how to properly treat a bird, and secondly they are not even licensed to do so. This vet could have done more harm than good as your bird is still sick and will not get better without being diagnosed and treated by an AVIAN VET. Make sure he goes to an Avian Vet as they have put in many more years' of training to be able to know how to treat parrots and other exotic animals.

Your bird is still sick, and please keep the temperature down to a moderate 70 degrees in your place as excessive heat is not good for you or your bird. Make sure bird is covered at night, so you know he's warm enough without running the heat so high in your home. If you are using anything that burns wood, this will poison parrots. They cannot tolerate wood fire as wood does not burn at a good enough rate and puts some of the toxins into your home. Pellets and the fabricated logs usually work well, and the pellets have a 98-99% burn.Gas heaters using natural gas can also poison your bird if there is a tiny leak of which you're not aware yet. Your bird is sensitive to chemicals of all kinds including all room deoderizers including Febreeze, scented candles, or any kind of perfume either on clothes from dryer sheets or from perfume and after shave. Finger nail polish and remover will kill your bird. Many cleaning products are toxic to birds and cannot be used in the same house with them. Tracie carries a good and safe cleaner out here that she uses all over her house including her bird's room. Always ASK before using anything you have any doubts about because bird's lungs just cannot take much toxins. Smoking around them is also forbidden and will outright kill them in a short period of time.

Take your bird to an Avian Vet and tell them what the other vet gave him. A bird's illness cannot be treated without first diagnosing what the problem is. This sounds like it could be running into pneumonia, and your bird could die if you don't get him treated by an Avian Vet.

Thanks for writing,

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