african grey falling off perch.

by ron garcia
(colorado springs CO)

My african grey occasionally falls off her perch. She is about 22yrs old. i took her to the vet, they gave her a physical and blood test. they said, she was fine other than her calcium was low. probably due to not enough sunlight. so i have been giving her calcium suppliments(liquid). this worked OK.

I just ordered a Vita-Lite 20 watt Full Spectrum Bulb, i hope this works. Also, i placed a oven rack 3" below her perch so she does not knock her self out when she falls(which she has done) this seems to work pretty good. Am i missing something or is this normal?

tks Ron

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Mar 03, 2017
please help me to cure hus right feet
by: Anonymous

my green parrot has fallen from 4 feet height and he dont allow his right feet to touch the ground . what can i do to cure his feet.?

Dec 25, 2016
Healthy tips for my grey
by: Smitha

My cherry grey parrot is 8 months old. He eats very less. He had a fall from his play stand and hurt his right leg. We had taken him to a vet they had xray done and gave him a vitamin and calcium supplement. He is less active and eat very less food. Iam concerned abt his health. Please suggest.

Dec 08, 2016
African grey falling
by: Ed

My grey just started falling from his perch last night and this morning. I have had him 35 yrs and have never had any problems with him falling except for earthquakes causing him to freak out. He has never had to see a vet for anything. He seemed disoriented when I got him off of the bottom of the cage and I had to extend his right foot open to get it to let go of the cage bottom. He held his right foot straight down and closed for 4 or 5 minutes and I thought that he had possibly suffered a stroke because he didn't grip my hand much after I picked him up but he is talking and acting normal for the biggest part of the day now.

Feb 17, 2016
My bird fell
by: Mitzy

Hi, I recently adopted a (Blue Fronted Amazon). Ive had him for about a month. He is a very sweet bird and approximately around 8 yrs. old
I have not seen the actual falls(3) now, but have heard them and notice he is not on his perch and on the bottom of the cage. This time I heard some commotion in his cage, ran over to him and he was on his back struggling to get upright. He doesn't appear hurt and has a great appetite. I give him premium parrot food and nutria-nuggets, along with a multitude of fruits and veggies that he can eat. I'm getting a little concerned at this point.

Dec 26, 2015
African grey falling off perch
by: Anonymous

Hi there you say your African grey falls off the perch your best bet would be to take your parrot to the nearest emergency vets as your parrot could have something seriously wrong with there health
I am saying this as my African grey parrot did the same and was falling off his perch and sleeping alot I took him to the vets straight away and found that he had a very bad cold which the vet give me some MED's for I would also suggest that you use pillows on the bottom of your cage as this would act as a soft landing and your parrot will not knock there self out as this is very dangerous for your parrot as they can brake there neck or would result in sudden death due to the hard knock to the bottom of the cage kind regards

Sep 20, 2015
my bird falling of her perch
by: yako

My African grhis falling off her perch she eats peanuts and dryed berrys and sun flower seeds i don't know how old she is she has just started doing it today im very worried about her so if anyone might know what is going on with her please reply to this comment

Editor's note: Your bird needs an avian vet, not opinions from here. You feed an unhealthy diet, get a better diet from your vet when you go.

Jun 09, 2010
Be Careful!
by: Anonymous

I have (now had) a male Eclectus. He had Arthritis. He was doing really good but always fell off his perch like once a week. He always landed on his feet and climbed back up. He fell when he was sleeping and lost balance. The last time he fell, today, he hit his head on the bottom and started bleeding and died. It was the most horrible thing I've ever had to watch. Be so careful and do something to make sure the fall is padded. I wish I would have known to pad the cage before this happened. Good luck with your bird!!

Feb 18, 2009
African Grey Falling Off Perch
by: The Vet

What does your bird eat? If not pellets, then this is likely the problem. You must get your bird to eat a pellet diet to correct this problem. I recommend Harrison's, it is the best. Use the High Potency. The full spectrum light is great! Keep it away from the cage at least 18 inches and use it for 3-4 hours per day. If your bird eats pellets, do not supplement with calcium. If you bird does not eat pellets - CONVERT HIM! ( Switching Birds to Pellets article. ) Calcium in the water is a very ineffective means of treating this problem.

It is not normal for any bird to fall from a perch. Have his wings been trimmed? If not, don?t. If so, don?t do it again if you can avoid it. Clipped wings will cause balance problems and make the problem worse.

This could be associated with improper perches. You should offer a variety of perches including Rope Boings and Perches,, natural branches, and a Safe Pedicure Perch as the highest perch in the cage.

Dr B

Feb 17, 2009
African Grey Falling Off Perch
by: Anonymous

Hi Ron,

Is it possible that your grey is clipped too closely? They are "barrel-chested" and sometimes can be clumsy due to their body habitus. Increased almonds in the diet will also help with the calcium. Instead of the oven rack, I have used three inch foam padding covered in washable vinyl such as from a fabric store. This will soften the blow. If she is clipped too closely it will take time. It took my adopted grey a good couple of molts before repair of the flights was complete. Mine also is in the same age range - 25 now. Just watch for her keel with these falls. Pam

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