African Grey Feather loosing

by Ahmed Minawy
(Alexandria, Egypt)

I know you clearly mentioned only if the case is not emergency, however I need an advice from a specialist.

I live in Egypt and i have a African Grey parrot for four years, unfortunately their is no qualified or specialized vets in this field in Egypt and my bird is seriously ill. So plssssss help me to help the bird or to cure it..
The story started one month ago when i noticed that the bird is loosing feather from its chest (he did not pull out its feathers or pluck it). I asked a vet, who gave me a medicine called closol, but after a few days and after i gave the bird a shower i found a red spot as if the bird did scratch this place. A few days later i noticed that the bird is drinking HUGE amounts of water and then discovered that water is coming out from this place, today any thing the bird is drinking or eating comes out from this place.
There are no vets to help me locally so pls tell me why did this happen to him and what to do at your earliest convenience...

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Jan 20, 2009
contacts that might help
by: rania from alexandria egypt

so sorry to hear about your bird also so sorry that those who do not live in Egypt can't understnad that we don't have any vet help here not just with birds but even dogs. i have the contacts of an organization in cairo but i am not sure they know a lot about birds but htey are the best i could find in our beloved country dr/nour hashish 0101105044 or 02/24170494 it his clinic but he also works with the organization of pets friends in cairo they help lots of pets also in alexandria there is this doc.helene she is the best i could find 5824210 although they are more specialized with cats and dogs but they are better than many others call cairo first i sent them many animals that no one else could help but they helped them i hope they are good for birds i have 2 love birds now and one is picking on the head of the other and i asked many people and pet shops and every one gave me a different opinion they are both active and eat i hope i can find help too.good luck

Mar 17, 2008
Bird with hole in crop
by: The Vet

It sounds like there is a crop fistula, which means a hole in the crop that penetrates to the outside of the body. If this is true, there is no home treatment that you can give.

This a surgical case and needs to be treated immediately. The only thing that I am aware of that will cause this is crop burn. Crop burns come from feeding hand feeding formula that is too hot. Any food that is too hot will do this, but most birds will not eat food willingly that is so hot that it burns the crop. Is this bird being hand fed or has he anything that is hot?

If not, then it is another type of injury. If it started as feather damaging behaviors, it could be self mutilation.

Get help now; go someplace that has experience with birds. Your bird's life is in jeopardy.

Dr B

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