African Grey Feather Picker

by Shirley Dyer
(Aiken, SC)

Help !!!! I have an 16 year old African Grey that started picking her feathers during my separation and Divorce - I had to leave her with a friend for three weeks - that was 8 years ago and she is still picking her feathers and now is picking blood feathers with blood drops everywhere 1-2 times a week - She has basically a raw bottom I have tried everything - doses of Benedryl in the water - a compounded type of prozac and now she is biting me when I try to give her medicine from a syringe - She is located in a very large cage in my kitchen - has lots of toys and interactions with me and my new husband of 5 years - she talks all the time - sometimes very appropriately - I feel that at times she thinks before she speaks - but it is as though she started this feather picking about 8 years ago and cannot stop - she also has a reptile broad spectrum light that I turn on her at times and she seems to enjoy the light. I would appreciate any help or suggestions you may have. Thank you, Shirley

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Oct 17, 2009
African Grey feather destruction
by: Tracie

Dr B always suggests that you do NOT give your bird over the counter drugs. He also suggests that you take your bird to see an avian vet to rule out other health issues, and also he suggests you take your bird for annual well bird check ups.

Please read the Feather Damaging Behavior article on our parrot training page for more information. We have other articles there on plucking and parrot health too.

There are helpful products we carry for feather plucking birds, have you tried Pluck-No-More?

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