African grey has a growth on its face

by giuggi
(npr fl usa)

African Grey with growth

African Grey with growth

African Grey with growth

I have a twenty five year old timneh grey that developed a growth above the beak last summer. We took him to the avian vet and she thought it was a bacterial infection and a vit a deficiency. We treated the bird with a liquid med as well as vitamin A injections as well as changing his seeds to fruit pellets.

We had the growth removed and were told it was clean,no roots and not cancerous . This was less than 6 months ago and the growth is back bigger than ever. I contacted the vet again and asked her if it could be bacterial again and she said no. She said it was a sebecious cyst and if we removed it, it would continue to come back again. Do you believe this is true? Will this cyst just break or will it become infected.

It is not bothering him but it is a concern that it will break while I am at work. It is on the side of his beak growing downward. She is the only avian vet in the area and I don't know if I should trust that its a sebecious cyst, if so would it be filled with liquid or cheesy matter? I need someone elses opinion as she seems to have dismissed this whole matter. thank you

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Oct 03, 2011
Bird with growth
by: The Avian Vet

I have never seen a sebaceous cyst on a bird. I do not believe that is what it is. However, I did not remove it nor have I seen the histology results. I think that you need to drive to a second opinion. This could be serious.

Even if it is not cancer, then it is going to eventually cause sinus problem an even sight problem and possibly lead to brain infection if it is able to erode the cranium.

Pellets are great, but you should switch him to a better pellet such as Harrison's. Colored pellets have too much sugar and many artificial ingredients that are not healthy for birds.

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Dr B

Sep 30, 2011
AG with growth near beak
by: Tracie

Dr B will eventually answer this, but it may be a few days.

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