African grey has laid 3 eggs.

by Sue
(Torrington CT.)

My 17 yr old African grey has laid 3 eggs. they are not fertile. When should I take them away. The last time I took one away after 4 days and she just laid 2 more.

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Feb 12, 2013
Where to buy fake bird eggs
by: Tracie

Here is the link to the fake egg shop:

Feb 12, 2013
Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you Linda for all that advice.
I am going to see where I can get those fake eggs.
She is sitting on the bottom of the cage most of the day.She comes up to the perch to eat. I feed her Roudybush pellets and some seed and veggies. And I have been coaxing her to come out and chill with me and watch tv for a short time every day too.
Again, Thank you, Sue

Feb 12, 2013
African grey has laid 3 eggs.
by: Linda

Your are doing the right thing by throwing them away because infertile eggs go rancid just like if we leave chicken eggs out of the refrigerator. This can make sick or kill a bird who eats the contents, so they have to be thrown away as soon as you know they are infertile.

Do a search on "fake or replacement eggs" for parrots and see where you can find some plastic eggs that are for the Greys and get at least 4 of those and replace the real eggs with the fake ones. These eggs will keep your hen from laying more since she has those to sit on. The plastic eggs have to be washed everyday to make sure they do not grow some kind of bacteria and can then be put back into the nest. If she is laying in the bottom of the cage, they will very much need cleaning everyday. If you have any kind of nestbox, take it out and leave it out. If not, just replace real eggs with the plastic ones and this should take care of the problem. Sometimes older hens just start laying for no particular reason. Sometimes, it's due to their hormones being in overdrive. Do not give any kind of hormones or other chemicals which avian vets sometimes want to give. Try the fake eggs first and see if this will take care of things before jumping into giving any chemicals because every single chemical a bird takes into their bodies has side effects and can cause serious problems later on. It is normal for birds to sometimes lay eggs because they are birds, so it is not a sign they are sick unless they are also sick along with the laying. Laying eggs does take a lot of nutrients from a bird's body so make sure your bird is eating a high quality organic pelleted diet like Harrisons found here to make sure she is able to replace all the vitamins and minerals she is losing making each egg. Liquid synthetic vitamins are not readily used by a bird's body, so do not invest any money in those. The actual food that is eaten everyday is the key to keeping birds healthy.

Also, if it has been more than a year since your bird was examined by an Avian Vet, it would be very good if she could be examined for any kind of infection plus basic bloodwork done to see how organs are functioning. Let us know what avian vet has to say and thanks for writing,

PS When you find a site for buying the fake eggs for parrots, let us know what the internet site address is so other people will have an easier time getting the eggs and thanks much for your time and trouble.

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