african grey how many mills at 5wks

by birdy2011

hi how many mills should i feed my african grey they are 5weeks

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Oct 20, 2011
a little harsh
by: Gwen

The last comment was a little harsh don't you think. I am raising my 3rd baby and i ask the same question never got a answer like that. That will keep Mr away from this site. Some need help not treated like this.

Editor's note: I don't see anything ugly, and just as we allow you to post comments, we allow others to give opinions. I am sorry you are offended.

Oct 14, 2011
african grey how many mills at 5wks
by: Linda

Probably 4, and it should be done using a 60cc/ml syringe. If he starts not eating all of his food, then you could try taking it down to three times a day, but only if he shows lack of interest in food with 4 meals a day. Your bird will not be ready to even think of starting the weaning process untl he is at least 3-4 months old. Please do not wean too early as this will cause him much emotional damage as he grows up. Greys are already very sensitive like the Cockatoos, so continue the handfeeding all the way up to 4 months, and then you'll still handfeed while introducing your bird to organic pellets found here along with the recommended 10-15% veggies. Weaning him onto a really high quality diet will be the very best thing you can do for him for his whole life. There are several kinds of organic pellets found here when it's time to start the weaning process.

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Oct 14, 2011
Baby grey
by: Anonymous

Yikes if you do not know how to feed a baby parrot, how much and how often, your bird is in trouble. You have to weigh your bird daily to moniter. A baby his age should be eating 3 times a day, and greys have a crop maximum of 60cc. Formula has to be of certain temperature and consistency. I mean quite honestly there are so many steps to follow with bird weaning, expect to feed him until about 3-4 months old. Instead of me going through everything I kmnow about my experiences with African Grey raising, my best advice is to take to an avian vet right away and discuss a schedule for your particular parrot. You could be overfeeding, or starving him. Get him checked out asap, and good luck, for your birds sake I hope you figure out what you need to do.... And soon.

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