African Grey laying unfertilized eggs

by Laura Ruggiero
(Mississauga, ON Canada)

My African Grey has laid four unfertilized eggs about three weeks ago. How and when should I remove them from her cage? Thank you in advance.

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Jul 17, 2018
Why does my African grey keep laying unfertilized eggs
by: Anonymous

My African Grey parrot keeps laying unfertilized eggs. Why is this happening?

Jul 09, 2018
African grey laying eggs
by: Anonymous

My parrot is doing the exact same thing! She is on her 4th egg. They have all dropped to the cage floor thru the grid and broken and she sits on her food dish (with Harrison’s pellets in it) like it’s a nest. My grey is 21

Jul 05, 2018
He become a she...
by: Anonymous

My mom bought a african 21 years ago and the lady told her it was a male. This morning after 21 years this same african grey lay an egg. All these years he was a she. What a shock!

Jun 14, 2018
Help with my African grey
by: Coty Young

I found our African grey back in 1999 after storms apparently carried her from its home and we took him to the get to be sexed and checked over and again vet said yes he is a boy and approximately 2 yrs of age. His name is tinker well he started acting strangely past few days not being active or eating or wanting to play and so I made an appt at vet well I woke up this morning to an egg that had obviously been laid by what we thought was a him but apparently after my own research he is a she & I guess now entering adult age. I am very confused as what to do now. I only have access to this one avian vet in my area and now question his abilities to care for my bird since he has sexed it wrong and I want to ensure what to do bc she will not be mating anytime soon if ever and I want her to live comfortably like before. After laying the egg she is back to normal its just hard thinking you have a boy then after 20 plus years he's a she.

Jun 04, 2018
Stopping the egg laying!
by: Maggie Devine

Our 22 year old African Gray laid 9 eggs in 9 months. Someone recommended to put a plastic egg (golf ball size) at the bottom of the cage. It worked! We've kept it in the cage ever since (cleaning it every day) and she has not laid anymore eggs! She spends a lot of time sitting on's amazing! Hope it works for others!

May 12, 2018
Lupron for feather picking ONLY?
by: Schmedley

African Grey has light feather picking and my Vet says Lupron.

Anyone with this experience?

May 06, 2018
African Gray strange behavior
by: Karen

I have two greys one is about 14 the other about 26, the younger one has laid eggs before and we know they are not fertilized, this time she laid two eggs and both fell through the bottom of the cage and burst, since then for about a week now she sits on her bowl all day all fluffed up like she is sitting on one of the eggs, she is eating and drinking but this is strange behavior, should I be worried or concerned?? She is still getting up and moving around the cage and interacting some with our other bird but goes right back and sits on the bowl all fluffed up????????

Apr 24, 2018
Egg laying
by: Anonymous

Our Congo African grey Joey who 12 years old and we thought was a male then laid an egg last night

Seems okay now but phoned the vet for advice

Vet told us to Zalcol D which we got today and put the drops in her water. Have we done right.

Feb 25, 2018
by: Schmedley

Any experience with Lupron for my female African Grey? She is 7 and picking feathers, my Vet says it will help since she is not laying eggs and Not going to mate

Feb 21, 2018
Behaviour prior to laying eggs.
by: Linda Hindes

20 yr. CAG female has laid total of 5 eggs during this time.
Recently, she stopped eating and singing/whistling. Was listless and wanting to snuggle around my neck. Making strange sounds similar to upper respiratory and now I realize she was probably tryng to push out the egg. There were strange sounds under her tail as well. Made appt. with Avian vet but she laid an egg a week later. She is now back to normal. Will keep Vet appt. for health sake.
Spring is coming and she had traveled with us in her carry cage/covered. This may have prompted the nesting appeal.

Feb 03, 2018
Needs proper nest for NOT fertilized eggs
by: Schmedley

I have a Seven year old female Congo African Grey Parrot. The bottom of her cage is covered with paper so I need a nest for her to lay her eggs.

Jan 27, 2018
Jessie lays an egg
by: Audrey

Hi, I have an African grey that was given to me as a baby in 2007. This morning I awaken to see a bloody egg in the cage. Would it hatch? What should I do? Is it okay to try and keep it warm as she is not sitting on the egg.

Editor's note: Eeeks, if it is bloody she may have been egg bound for a time. Make sure she eats 80% high quality pellets to prevent egg binding. If she is not sitting on the egg then toss it.

Dec 31, 2017
by: Anonymous

How old do African grey parrots need to be to breed

Dec 09, 2017
10 eggs in 10 months
by: Anonymous

My husband an I divorced after 24 years of marriage, and our African Gray"fortune went with him and moved into a new residence. I visit the birds at least twice a month. During these 10 months Fortune has laid 10 eggs, 2 just this past week. Although I love my visits, and miss her terribly, if it's my visitations that could be triggering this, It will break my heart, but I will stop. Do you think the separation could be causing it? Thank you.

Editor's note: There is no way of knowing.

Dec 04, 2017
African grey parrot
by: Donna

Hi my name is donna I have a felmale African grey parrot she has laid 3 eggs she's not been in contact with any other parrots. I'm not quite sure what to do with the eggs do I leave them in there or do I remove them someone told me they could be dangerous to my parrot because they are invertible i need some advice please

Editor's note: If she sits on them, then let her sit. If she doesn't care about them, toss them. Please find a breeder you can call for advice, there are other things you read about here on this site too.

Nov 23, 2017
Laying eggs
by: Anonymous

African grey has laid 2 eggs bot bloody. She is sleeping alot and has stopped eating. She did eat some egg wth shells in it but won't eat pellets or seed. Not acting like herself. When I hold her she just wants to lay close and snuggle.

Editor's note: Your bird needs to be seen by an avian vet.

Nov 15, 2017
How did this happen?
by: Tracey

My husband's bird of 21 years started laying eggs. We always thought he was a male. She has laid eggs 4xs so far. We let her sit on them until she stops then toss them. Today one of the eggs hatched. How is this possible? We have never bread the bird, she is the only bird in the house, she has no bird friends that visit. She is taking care of the baby and sitting on two of the other eggs that were laid around the same time. No one can believe this happened, and we are baffled as well. Has this ever happened before to anyone else?

Oct 19, 2017
by: Luz

Hi, I’ve had an CAF for about 10 years. I’ve always thought that she was a female until I started realizing that "She" has never layed an egg. So my question is the following...Is my CAF a MALE ???

Editor's note: Not all bird lay eggs, be glad your bird doesn't.

Oct 16, 2017
African Grey
by: Jenna

So, this evening I come home from work I greet my MALE bird like I always do. Then at dinner I noticed an Egg in the cage. I'm not sure how old SHE is. She was my Mother's bird who passed away this past June and SHE has never laid eggs. I even called the previous owners which was a childhood friend.They said they have never known HIM/Her to lay eggs.... But she has become very close to me. Showing me a lot of affection. I don't know very confused and need some advice. Please help me to understand.

Editor's note: Make sure your bird is on a high quality pellet diet so that she doesn't become egg bound, Harrison's and Roudybush are good choices. Feed 80% pellets, then notice how little the 20% treats/seeds should be.

Aug 28, 2017
4eggs in 4weeks
by: Anonymous

Hi. So i'm new at this my african grey about 7years old we adopted. Always thought its a male till we found the eggs, she never had a man. How many will she lay... how to go about if i want her to breed when and how long must she be with a male...

Aug 14, 2017
African grey lay 3 unfertilized eggs
by: Henry Munoz

today it's been 30 days since my CAG lay 3 eggs everything seemed normal the male would feed her just like a normal pair would So I went and check the eggs put them to a flash light 2 of them have some sort of liquid blood inside and the third is 3/4 of it is solid and the rest is empty ... what should I do should I remove them ? Are they unfertilized? I was told that the baby's would hatch around 28 days but I'm kind of confused and don't know what to do

Aug 02, 2017
African grey
by: Anonymous

Hi. My African grey laid 2 unfertilized eggs last week. She sits on them all day and night long. She only leaves them to eat for a few minutes and rushes back to them. Should I be worried?

Editor's note: No, but if this lasts for more than 28 days, you will need to remove the eggs. You can reduce the amount of daylight so that light is only available 12 hours and that may help the bird along with not providing a place for eggs to be laid.

Jul 19, 2017
Breeding pair or not?
by: Anonymous

We have a pair of african grey's in a cage. They are aprox. 7 years old and they started mating a couple of weeks ago. Now one started laying eggs. Does this mean they are a breeding pair?

Editor's note: Time will tell

Jul 12, 2017
Unfertilized Eggs
by: Anonymous

My 7 year old African Grey laid her first egg on Friday and was sitting on it. My husband removed it the following day and she seemed distressed, and promptly laid another egg the following day and only gets off it when we come with treats. Is it best to leave the egg until she loses interest or take it away now?

Editor's note: Yes, leave the egg(s) until she loses interest. If she continues to sit for over a month then purchase fake eggs for her to sit on and reduce her daylight time.

Jul 01, 2017
African Grey
by: Anonymous

My 23 year old African Grey laid 3 unfertilze eggs, I read they should be removed immediately. The first egg, I called my vet and he said remove them 3 to 5 days later. Just when I was about to remove it she lay egg number 2...then another one after that 3 days later. I gave it another week because I want to make sure she was finished. I then removed all eggs at once.... I hope I don't cause behavior problems ...but i read they can grow bateria on ther chest....I owned her too long to have anything go wrong with her. Did I do the right thing ????

Editor's note: Read articles on our training page: for more on the subject of egg laying.

Jun 27, 2017
Peanuts are Bad
by: Grey Owner

If your feeding your parrots peanuts or pasta or bread and they are females you are inducing hormonal mode!!! It is the fat and starch. Fats and starches build up and the parrot thinks it is time to lay eggs. My advice is give these things very sparingly. Stick with pellets, veggies and some fruits. Also wath the fruits for sugar content!!

Jun 19, 2017
Egg laying
by: Anonymous

My African grey has started pulling out her feathers.. Also she has laid 2 eggs in 5 days and looks like there is more to come..
Can you please help me on this as I'm a little worried about what's going on.
She is 10 years old and have been told several reasons, one it's a calcium or vitamin problem, also she wants to breed and needs a mate.
Thanks in advance for any advise..

Apr 14, 2017
by: Anonymous

how do you if your African Gray is nesting she keeps ripping her paper up and laying flat at bottom of her cage she his 9 years old and never laid a egg yet

Mar 11, 2017
Fake egg
by: Christian

My African Grey laid an egg without being paired. I cracked the egg, and for my surprise it had a yolk. Is this possible? Thank you.

Editor's note: All eggs have a yolk, it just isn't fertilized.

Feb 25, 2017
Egg Laying
by: Anonymous

My African Grey Champ, last year laid 12 eggs, this year she has laid two eggs. I take out the eggs immediately as they are not fertilized. I also noticed when she lays the egg she wants to sit on them, which makes her inactive and she does not eat her food for hours, after I take out the egg she becomes active again and is all normal.

Hope the above helps.

Feb 13, 2017
Unfertilized egg
by: Chris

Hi I have a African Grey pair and about two months ago I hanged a nesting box on the cage and they loved it and layed only one egg and today is already 40 days and she is still laying on the egg. What shoul I do?

Editor's note: If you aren't an experienced breeder, I would remove the nest box and hopefully she won't lay any more eggs. If you are an aspiring breeder, then please contact an experienced breeder and help them or learn all you can from them.

Sep 30, 2016
Sitting on infertile eggs
by: Laurie E

My African Grey is 19 years old and I adopted her from a rescue that was very bad and taken over by another rescue. I've only had her five weeks and she has been laying an egg once a week for a month (4eggs). She is sitting on this question is how long can I leave an unfertilized egg with her. I have no fake eggs and would have to order them.

Editor's Comments: We have articles are on our Parrot Training page that will help you.

Sep 14, 2016
Does our African need a mate
by: Geri

Our African Grey is about 25-26 years old and has laid her first egg. She has never been with a male--have read the post saying its ok. Our question is should we get a male for her or is she ok and us taking the eggs out as she lays them.

Editor's note: you do not need to get the bird a mate. Only take the eggs out if she is not laying on them, or she may continue to lay eggs. Hopefully you are feeding Harrison's or a high quality pellet diet at 80% pellets so she doesn't become egg bound.

Aug 24, 2016
Keeps laying eggs
by: Anonymous

My african grey has laid 7 eggs in the last few months, im wondering if she is getting deficient in vitamins or something. Should i be worried

Editor's note: You should be feeding Harrison's High Potency to make sure she is getting the proper vitamins. You feed 80% Harrison's, so then look how little that is and feed only 20% healthy treats.

Jun 22, 2016
Egg Eating??
by: Anonymous

My grey laid 3 eggs...but now there is only 1 left this morning with no signs of the other 2 anywhere. She was sitting on them and not ignoring them so we left them in there. Is she eating them??? And WHY!?!?

Jun 10, 2016
African Blood Test stated Male
by: Anonymous

I have an African Grey, that had a blood test stating that he was male separate testing from where I bought him. (15 Years old) well it must have a bad test, because he/she laid two eggs this week. I feed her good food, Harrison's, so everything I'm reading she should be fine. Just a little surprised, but my question only females lay eggs correct?

Admin: Yes! :-)

May 28, 2016
Egg laying
by: Lynne

My African grey laid an egg on Thursday . Nothing since . No straining . No sitting on the egg after first day . Is it safe to remove this egg and hope for no more

Editor's note: if the bird is not sitting on the egg, you can remove it.

May 26, 2016
Egg laying
by: Lynne

My African grey is 26years old and has laid her first egg today . She's not been mated . We always thought she was a he . Will she lay anymore and will she be ok

Editor's note: She may lay more, and she will be fine if she doesn't get egg bound. If she sits still and seems to strain for a long time, get her to an avian vet quick! If you feed Harrison's pellets for 80% of the diet, you have nothing to worry about.

May 20, 2016
3 eggs in a month
by: Anonymous

My Grey has laid 3 eggs in a month. She lays eggs about every 2 weeks. Is this normal? There are no other birds IN my house but I live in aural area and leave my back door near her open in the daytime. She hears all kinds of birds out side.

May 08, 2016
African Grey lays egg after
by: Geri

My African grey is 22 years old and has laid her first egg, we believed she was a he! What do we do with the unfertilised egg?

Editor's note: Allow the bird to sit on it if it wants, otherwise toss it.

Apr 06, 2016
African Grey Boy/Girl
by: Anonymous

I got my "male" African Grey (Smitty) 16 years ago from a breeder. This morning I opened the cage to feed him/her and she had laid an egg!! All these years we thought she was a he...

Jan 22, 2016
african grey
by: joe

my grey is 30 years old and just layed her fist egg to weeks ago today she layed one more 30 years is a long time for her fist time.

Dec 08, 2015
Omg an egg???
by: Adele

My African grey is 9 years old and his birth certificate says he's male. But he's laid an egg!!! It was in the bottom of the cage in tact.

Aug 10, 2015
My African grey is 5 years. Will she lay an egg soon?
by: Anonymous

My African grey is turning 5 next week . Will she lay an egg ? I am relay scared now. She has been picking feathers very badly what should I do?

Editor's note: Please read the articles about feather damaging behavior at this Parrot Training page link.

Apr 14, 2015
unfertilized or fertile
by: Ann

Can an African Grey lay a fertile egg if she's never been with a male.

Editor's note: Yes, birds that do not have companions still lay eggs, this is why you need to be feeding your bird high quality pellets, so they don't become egg bound. (Articles are on our Parrot Training page )

In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page.

Apr 29, 2014
african grey
by: Anonymous

my grey wants to stay on her egg. how much time will this last

Editor's note: Until she gets tired of it. It is best to have fake eggs for her to sit on, because if the egg cracks, and she eats it, she could get sick.

Jan 26, 2014
My African Grey Parrot at 24 still lays eggs!
by: David

To who ever could help me here. What needs t be done when a parrot lays an egg? Well in 2 days I now have a parrot with 2 eggs! So when do I remove these eggs from her cage? What can I do for her health and well being at this time?

Editor's note: In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page.

Feb 01, 2011
African Grey laying unfertilized eggs
by: Linda

When you say cage, if you mean in the bottom of the cage with all the poop, then they should have already been removed and thrown away. The outside of eggs can become infected with Salmonella if laid in the bottom of cage and in contact with feces, and Salmonella is a Bad Boy as far as infections are concerned and needs immediate emergency care for any chance of survival.

If your Grey is sitting on the eggs, then I suggest you get a few(up to 4) fake eggs which are washable and replace the ones she is sitting on with them. Do a search on the net for simulated or plastic African Grey eggs or call your local pet stores and see if they, perchance may have some in stock. They have to be the same size as hers.

The reason I mention the fake eggs is that she may lay more infertile eggs, and then you can replace them with the fake ones, and she may not notice the difference if they are the same size. That way, you can wash them when they become dirty and put them back in. She will sit on them as if she is hatching them and won't lay more eggs. Even if she is not sitting all the time, she'll see the eggs and not be moved to lay more. Parrots usually lay no more than 4 each one being laid every other day.

Thanks for writing, and let us know how everything goes.


Feb 01, 2011
Bird laying eggs
by: Tracie

Even if your bird has never laid eggs before, our Chronic Egg Laying article will have the best information for you.

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