african grey losing weight

Birds eat less in the summertime. If your avian vet puts your bird on antibiotics, make sure that the bird gets probiotics as well. These can be purchased in pet stores that have good supplies for birds. Yor vet might have a good recomendation about which pet supply to use. Petco and pet smart don't seem to carry probiotics;I think the avarium does. Another thing,please stay away from walmart bird seed. Their peanuts have a fungus which can kill your bird. We had that experience and finally went to two different vets. We never got a definative diagnosis but the treatment was much more successful with Mimi Sheperd at For Pet's Sake. She's not very good with people , but she knows how to treat sick birds. She has a web site that you can look up. We get our bird seed from Fancy Feathers. Please check to see that your bird is eating a proper diet. Also never,ever cook with teflon pans. Get rid of every teflon pan you own. Keep in mind that birds are very sensative to posions which are used to treat for those seed moths. The very best way to treat those things are the pherome strips that lure the moths into a sticky pad that they can't get away from. Also,a good bird seed supplier might have different ideas of how to get rid of those moths. If you have a freezer that you can keep the bird seed in then the moths will not be able to breed. That will probably be my next project.Good luck with your bird. They are awfully clever at hiding illness. Make sure that you isolate your bird from any other birds that you might have. Finally make sure that you give extra TLC. Hope that this may help in some way.Charlene