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Sep 09, 2008
Kids and Greys:)
by: Anonymous

Thank you! That put the biggest smile on
My face. I have to watch what I say.

Nov 09, 2007
mamas got a ticket
by: natasha

Hi i bought a red factor african grey parrot in july this year she is now 7 months old and she always brings a smile on my face. her name is cassy and each time after she sneezes she makes the sound of a sneeze that i have tought her and she is now speaking a few sentences she says what ya got,what ya doing,give me a kiss , be a good girl and hello . so if she is this now at 7 months old what is she going to be like at a year old she brightens up my day. i do like the sound of your african grey he's a smart bird . i hope he brings you much pleasure as mine does.

yours sincerly natasha

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