African Grey maybe not eating pellets

by Ellen Boone
(Suwanee GA)

My newly adopted African grey came from an awful home that did not take good care of her. I am trying to get her to eat anything other than seeds. I cook eggs, sweet potato, every fruit and veggie including birdie bread. She is not interested. I cant take seeds away because she was !5% underweight and has yeast and I want her to stay strong.

I am putting apple cider vinagar in her water and trying to get probiotics in her as hard as it is. She will chew up some pellets but it does not look like she is eating any of it.Just having fun destroying them. Can anyone tell me if she is eating the pellet by behaving this way. I will feel much better knowing she is getting some in her system.

Thank you

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Mar 12, 2011
Give Probiotics When A Bird Is Under Any Stress
by: Anonymous

Linda, If it takes a bird a year or two to get back into a good weight it might as well be dead already. My avian vet says that Probiotics is the best thing you can give a bird when under any kind of stress. It contains the same bacteria that is in a healthy

My vet also gives all of his own personal birds birds APV at seven to three days intervals.

Editor's note: Thanks for the information, but attacking others is not necessary. There are many opinions and practices by different Avian Vets.

Feb 23, 2011
African Grey maybe not eating pellets
by: linda

Please stop the apple cider vinegar as it is not doing her any good and is probably causing harm. Leave off the probiotics too until you have taken her to an Avian Vet for a full exam including bloodwork to see how her organs are functioning. Have them check for bacterial and viral infection. The bacterial infection test is better done as a throat swab instead of anal as the anal area always has bacteria and can mislead Avian vet into prescribing the wrong medication. Take her ONLY to a licensed and trained avian vet.

Use the article Tracie gave you on how to change from seed to pellets and stop with all the fruit and veggies. As long as bird can fill her stomach with SOMETHING, she will not start eating the pellets. Have the Avian vet weigh her and tell you exactly how much underweight she is. It can take a year or two to get a bird who is this far down back up to health, so please slow down and stop being in such a hurry. I'm not kidding about it taking a year or more as I've nursed many mistreated and abused parrots back to health, and it is a very BIG commitment of your time and resources.

Print the article Tracie sent, post it on your refrigerator and follow directions. Fruit and veggies cannot be more than 10-15% of TOTAL diet, so this means small amounts only a few times a week. The Birdy bread, if it is the kind made by Harrison's, can be up to 30% of diet if you do not add any sweet potato or other veggie. Make sure you are using organic red palm oil, Sunshine Factor in it for the oil it asks for. If you are using hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil from supermarket, you are hurting the bird with every bite she takes. Feed absolutely NO people food, sugar, salt either as both are poison.

Get your bird to an Avian Vet as quickly as you can, stop the vinegar entirely. Stop the probiotics until they are approved by the avian vet. Follow their directions and please slow down because you will not see results this quickly. A year or so down the road, you will begin to see the healthy bird emerging from the ashes of what her previous owners have made of her. Even in 6 months, she will show improvement. Just take this slowly and work with avian vet every step of the way because what you are presently doing is harem scarem and not organized toward a balanced diet which will create a balanced bird. Write us anytime about anything as we are here to help you help your bird.


Feb 22, 2011
Maybe not eating the pellets
by: Tracie

At least your bird will try the pellets! That is a great start, even if it isn't eating them yet. Here is a link for a Switching Birds to Pellets article written by an avian vet.

We do it a bit differently than that article. We put ONLY pellets in the cage until late afternoon. Birds are hungry when they wake up, so having pellets as their only choice will encourage them to eat them. If you sleep in, then put the pellets in when you go to bed at night.

You can add the food they are used to eating in the evening, so they will not starve. Try to get the bird to a point where it eats 80% pellets and only 20% healthy treats. Harrison's has proven to be one of the best pellets you can feed your bird. Make sure your pellets are not full of sugar or coloring.

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