African Grey Moving Up and Down On Her Food Dish


My african grey decides she wants to sit on her food dish and moves up and down on it. she's kind of shifting on her feet back and forth. I've never seen her do this... she's sat there all day and doesn't go to another perch till she goes to bed....and then goes to her swing.

I know I need to get her wings clipped....the vet tech said she will stop by and do them this week.

any reason for her wanting to be in that corner? and moving up and down on the food dish, shifting her feet?

Thank you...Paula

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Jul 28, 2010
African Grey Moving Up and Down On Her Food Dish
by: Linda

Paula, it sounds like the perches you have for her are not right. The Greys need natural wood branch perches, 1 to 1 1/2" varying diameter, and you can find these in most pet stores. Get them to fit your cage. Manzanita is a very good wood and will last a long time with a larger parrot. There is a link on this site about safe woods. Basically, Manzanita, Apple, Walnut and a few others are safe providing they have NEVER BEEN SPRAYED WITH EITHER FERTILIZER OR PESTICIDES which soaks into the wood and makes it poison for birds.

If you have her on wooden dowels that are too small, she will not sit on them as it is hurting her feet and legs. Anything that is either just 1" or is smaller than 1" is not the right size. This will cause arthritis and other problems with feet and legs. So, start looking for the correct size and kind of perches for her.The natural branches provide different diameters as birds walk across them and this keeps the feet and legs rested and not all cramped up.

When Avian vet comes to trim wings, make sure they ONLY CUT THE 6 PRIMARY FEATHERS WHICH ARE THE LONG ONES AT THE ENDS OF THE WINGS. Don't let them cut up any higher as this causes birds much pain. Just the 6 long primary feathers is all that ever needs trimming.

Thanks for writing,

Jul 28, 2010
Grey moving up and down on food bowl
by: Ginny

Sounds like breeding/nesting behavior - hope she is not eggbound and trying to lay an egg.

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