African Grey Noises

by Karen Santagata
(West Haven, Ct. USA)

My African Grey parrot makes different sounds than my Amazon parrots. My African Grey can make many different sounds but I have heard him and other African Grey parrots make a snapping sound. I would like to know if other owners have heard this sound and what this snapping sound means? I believe my African Grey makes this snapping sound when he is mad or annoyed. I take this to mean stay away or back off. Does anyone else have an African Grey who does this? Thank you for your help!

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Jan 12, 2010
African Grey Noises
by: Karen

Thank you Lori, Lisa, and Linda for your comments. My African Grey does make many noises and that snapping sound is a common one. I have heard other Greys make the same sound but I never realized it could have so many meanings. He seems to do that around my son alot. He is not usually an aggressive bird and he does love my son but I just thought that he was telling him to back off. I could be totally wrong so I really appreciate reading what everyone had to say. African Greys are so intelligent and act much different than my other birds which are all Amazons. I thank you all for your help.

Jan 08, 2010
by: Lori

My Grey also does this. It's very loud and he usually does it when I'm putting him up for the night. Yes I think he's a little annoyed because he really dosn't want to be put up especially if my husband is still awake. I just thought it was something he came up with. How funny that other Greys do it too.

Jan 07, 2010
snapping noise...
by: Lisa

I've heard my grey make noises like that, too, but it's never been in aggression. She does it when she is feeling especially cheerful, cocky, and strutting around in self-importance. She also does it when she is running through her sounds and vocabulary. Obviously, though, if your bird looks aggressive when she does it, it has a different meaning for your bird.

Jan 04, 2010
African Grey Noises
by: Linda

I'm not familiar with this sound, but it could be he's clacking his mandibles together when he becomes upset or angry. There may be someone else who has the Greys that will let you know if they've heard their birds do this. The fact that you have connected the sound with him being angry or just needing his space, means you have already figured out what he's trying to say here.

Thanks for writing,

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