african grey not using leg

by Duncan

on nov 8th my african grey got spooked & flapped around in his cage, the metal ring dug into his leg & made it bleed.
i took him to our local vet, as the avian vet wasn't available until the next day. they removed the ring, & they prescribed baytrill.

The following week 14th nov i took him to the avian vet, who said that he needed stronger antibiotics, he also had antibiotic injection, & painkiller injection. However he seemed worse since then, & now can't stand on the foot, or grip his food. The leg has a lump on it. He seems happy enough in himself, but we are having to feed him, as he can't get around. What shall i do next?

His current medication is marbocyl 1% sa inj 20ml, 1ml in 100ml water daily, loxicom 0.06ml by mouth, & noroclav 50mg, which contains 40mg Amoxicillin, & 10mg clavulanic acid , 1 tablet daily. Do i need to take him back.

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Nov 17, 2011
african grey not using leg
by: Linda

YES, take his back to Avian Vet and have an xray done on his leg. It sounds like he may have actually broken the leg, and they should have done an xray the first time. He is also taking too many meds especially if he has a fracture.

Let us know what avian vet has to say,

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