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Oct 21, 2010
african grey parrot - can't pick up
by: Linda

Birds do not already know how to step up as this is a learned behavior. Your bird will need to be trained to step up by using a shorter perch, placing it gently against lower abdomen and saying "UP" in a nice voice. Make sure stick is place where bird can lift legs and feet to get onto the stick. Never yell at your bird and never, ever lose your temper as your bird is very much smaller than you, has hollow, easily broken bones, and needs to be taught it can trust you.

Before beginning any training, please make an appointment with an Avian Vet in your area and take bird in for an exam. New birds usually have one or more infections, and they will not get over them without being diagnosed and treated by an Avian Vet only.

There are some training materials on the Parrot Training page, and once your bird has a clean bill of health, you may wish to start learning how to train your bird. Right now, is the time for your bird to be learning to trust you, and making sure he/she is well and happy is the first thing you can do to let him know he can trust you. Trust is earned not given, and birds take a while to trust, so do not get in any hurry here. Your bird is a gift you have been given and are very fortunate to have. Always treat him with love and respect, and he will come to love and trust you completely.

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