African grey parrot drinking tea

by xXRXx

what will happen to my parrot if he continues to drink tea everyday. if this is harmful what age does he urgently need to stop

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Aug 12, 2011
Parrots should not drink tea
by: The Avian Vet

Tea contains caffeine which can cause death in birds. You need to stop giving it immediately. Even decaf has some caffeine.

Dr B

Aug 10, 2011
African grey parrot drinking tea
by: Linda

Actually stimulants like coffee and tea are never good for birds. If you also have sugar in the tea, this will kill the bird now or shortly. I recommend you stop feeding him tea and if he's been also drinking sugar in the tea, then keep all processed sugar products away from him as sugar will kill instantly in large enough doses.

No people food is the general rule for parrots because our foods usually contain too much salt, sugar and fat plus preservatives and other potential poisons.

Hopefully your bird is eating a high quality organic pellet like Harrison's, and the ratio is at least 80% pellets to 10-15% organic fruit or veggies which means small amounts a few times a week.

Thanks for writing,

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